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Separation of Powers between the Three Branches of Government - Essay Example

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This paper "Separation of Powers between the Three Branches of Government" investigates the issues of the separation of powers which should be explained in terms a network of rules and principles which ensure that power is not concentrated in the hands of one branch. …
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Separation of Powers between the Three Branches of Government
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"Separation of Powers between the Three Branches of Government"

Download file to see previous pages It was, however, Charles Louis de Montesquieu who clearly defined the three branches of government and laid down the basics of the concept of separation of powers. Some countries being underpinned by the concept of separation of powers, like the United States, have written constitutions that clearly laid out and allocated the various powers and functions of the government to the different branches (Barnett pp. 105-106). This is not so in the United Kingdom. The UK Constitution does not consist of a single, written document but rather of various uncodified laws scattered in several documents like statutes, court decisions and treaties and unwritten ones like customs and conventions. A strict separation of powers normally divides separate powers and functions and allows them to the three branches government: the executive; Parliament, and; the judiciary. In the UK, the components of the three branches of governments usually share powers held by other branches in a mixed government fashion. Eric Barendt, however, author of the book Separation of Powers does not believe that the UK necessarily has a weaker constitution because of this disparity. He believes that “the separation of powers should not be explained in terms of a strict distribution of functions between the three branches of government, but in terms of a network of rules and principles which ensure that power is not concentrated in the hands of one branch.”
The UK government, like other democratic governments, has three major institutions, all exercising various functions and powers and sometimes sharing the powers of the other branches: the executive, the legislative and the judiciary.
The executive department is made up the Crown and the central government, the latter of which is composed of the Prime Minister and his/her Cabinet Ministers. The central government is accountable to Parliament, which can choose to dissolve it and force a new election of a new set of officials if it believes that circumstances warrant it.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Separation of Powers
Separation of Powers. Much progress has to be made before the UK has a satisfactory separation of powers. Critically discuss. Separation of power is an imperative to assure accountability on the part of a government, to restrain and dilute a trend towards corruption and to protect the fundamental and universal rights of the citizens, from incursions and interference of the governments in power.1 To achieve this cherished objective, it is a must to separate and circumscribe the legislative powers of the parliament to enact laws, the power of the government to manage and govern in the light of the ratified and established laws, and the power of the judiciary to listen to and resolve disputes in
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It was intended to prevent one person from gaining too much power which can lead to graft, corruption, abuses, nepotism and despotism (Northrup, 2003, p. 44); framers of the American Constitution were so obsessed with preventing this from happening after experiencing cruelty by absolutism under the British monarchy before gaining their independence.
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Consequently, the singular purpose of having the three branches working separately is to promise that they do not become too powerful to infringe on the freedoms of the population. In analyzing the three branches of the government, we see that all of their functions serve the public differently
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y assessment (a democratic element). Montesquieu agrees in part with Aristotle's ideas of combining a democracy with oligarchy. He terms them "executive" and "legislative" branches, but they are in effect the same as Aristotle's "democracy" and "oligarchy".
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According to the report in the present environment where the omnipresent threat of terrorism is driving domestic and foreign policy, more and more governments all over the world are and seeking to arm themselves with more and more draconian powers under the mantle of ‘national security’ at the cost of human rights and individual liberties.
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In order to provide for a diminished capacity for corruption, the checks and balances create limits imposed from one branch to another so that no one branch can assert too much power. An ancient form of government that reaches back to the time of Greek classical
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In 1787, the leaders of state decided to make a new constitution, a set of rules and regulations regarding a nation. They wanted a strong government, one which would be fair to everyone and would not abuse its power by protecting the rights of all citizens. They decided to come up with three different branches of the government.
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