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The Branches of Government - Research Paper Example

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There was also a dire need to draw clear boundaries on the roles that would be played by each of the three arms. In the work of Campbell, the…
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The Branches of Government
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Extract of sample "The Branches of Government"

The Branches of Government With the executive, legislature and executive being part of the US government, it was of great essence that these branches share powers. There was also a dire need to draw clear boundaries on the roles that would be played by each of the three arms. In the work of Campbell, the US constitution clearly indicates the roles of the three arms of the government in articles 1 to 3 respectively (1). An establishment of this provision in the constitution was to allow for complete checks and balances in the administration of the country. Analysts and researchers in constitutional law argue that in the event of separation powers, the so called, ‘mightiest’ are also bound by the law. This is inclusive of the president who also cannot function as they please. Other parties in the government also have the right to impose the vote of no confidence on the president.
Separation of powers
Due to the tendency of many governments to usurp power, analysts argue that if left to run governments, a lot of leaders would end up running countries as private businesses. However, Campbell indicates that in the US the case is totally different (2). The constitutional makers of US divided the government into sections that would specialize in formulating laws, another section that would implement the laws formulated whilst the last the section would see administration of justice in the country. The Congress was mandated to be the law makers in the government whilst the president through the backup from the departments and agencies in the executive arm of the government to put in force the laws put in place.
In line to this proposition, it is justified to argue that the president heads the non elected members of the government. It is also vital to note the establishment of the Supreme Court by the judicial authorities (Campbell, 111). This clearly aided in the checking the systems put in place in the government. The states and the citizens also have their administration authorities through the state governmental units present in all states. This is referred to as the governmental units that are legally authorized to operate within their jurisdiction.
Of essence, the Executive that comprises of the president, vice president and cabinet members plays the role of ensuring that the daily operations of the country function effectively, such collection of duties, representation of the country in international forums, and safeguarding the country’s security amongst others (Campbell, 25). The Legislature, which comprises of the congress make up laws, and ensures that all states are considered whilst coming up with the laws (Campbell, 51). Lastly, the Judiciary that comprises of US Supreme Court and other federal courts administers law and justice in the country (Campbell, 111).
Conclusively, from Executive Powers & Limitations video (2010), it would be justifiable to argue that the US government is one that is dedicated towards a clear separation of powers between its arms, all in an endeavor to ensure that all systems run as expected. The system works well since the lines of delineation are clear though at times the president is said to have excess powers which is unconstitutional.
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Executive Powers & Limitations. Freedom Project DotCom on Dec 10, 2010. Video. Retrievable at: Read More
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The Branches of Government Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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