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The security service is a composition of several coordinated roles that are mandated to ensure that security is prevalent within the nation. The United Kingdom security services include patrols, monitoring, and defence against external aggression. These are the services that are subject to this study…
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Security Service
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Download file to see previous pages The next, MI6 is charged with the responsibility of ensuring that the country is protected from external aggression and is constituted by the Intelligence service; this also undertakes overseas espionage as well as ensuring that the country has no spies.
The security service as seen is the present body is charged with the responsibility of ensuring the security of the UK citizens. The formation of which is the subject of this study is highly associated with apparent and not actual threat to the people of this great Kingdom. (Andrew 1987) Political thinkers, social scholars and philosophers have argued that the need for a security body is not because there exists a situation but because there is need to handle a likely situation.
The possibility of a likely situation is what brings in the element of imagination. To further support this, the human nature is naturally characterised by anxiety and pursuit of the future. Because the future is not certain, there is need to make some kind of projections which are greatly based on the current situations. (Knighteley 1986) These projections are the bases of future preparations or measures where an individual makes required adjustments to eliminate the chances of surprise or simply to help increase chances of preparedness.
This is the foundations of the security service where the government officers sought to ensure that the country was prepared for the unforeseen circumstances in the future. The way to prepare was on the bases of the situations that the country faced at the time and which showed a tendency to recur in the future. (Knighteley 1986) This activity had characterised the world in a way that it seemed an unsafe world as nations sought to prove their superiority and military prowess by conquering other nations. It should be noted that this was not necessarily a threat on the United Kingdom but a global trend which did not suggest a continuation of the same.
However, anticipation and need for preparedness forced the nation governance to devise a way to react to these situations when the time came. (Andrew 1987) This was more imaginary than actual as it was an anticipated situation and not the real matter affecting the nation at the time.
Therefore, when we also talk of imaginary, it is important to indicate it is informed in the imagination and not a dream from thin air that is conceptualised and converted into an institution such as the Security Service.
The following is the information one gathers as you review the past information that led to the formation of the Security Service. (Knighteley 1986) First, there was a triggering measure that was not necessarily in action on the country but was a situation that happened around the country which was viewed to either cause similar effects on the United Kingdom or drag the nation into these struggles.
Though history indicates that the United Kingdom was among the nations that participated in these early struggles of power, it was not until the middle 18th century that it became a considerable force. (Knighteley 1986) Earlier on, countries such as Portugal had considerable might and had dominated overtime.
Therefore, it is not proper to think of Britain at the time as a force due to the fact that was pointed out earlier.
The presence of the triggering factor led the countries into preparing for future similar situations in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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