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Emergency Operations Center Preparedness Training - Assignment Example

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This paper “Emergency Operations Center Preparedness Training” addresses all the relevant issues elaborating on the security-related problems, assumptions, and possible solutions that will lead service providers to the development of a realistic action plan and its implementation…
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Emergency Operations Center Preparedness Training
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Extract of sample "Emergency Operations Center Preparedness Training"

Download file to see previous pages In order to be an effective and efficient security service provider, the important requisites of security services include certain factors such as the authenticity of the service, secure communication system, latest technology usability, and so on. Considering security issues post 9/11, it has become almost mandatory for all security services to create an integrated emergency system supported by computer and technology-based solutions. In order to go further into the details of security system issues, it is important to state the main problems and key concerns faced by the homeland security service provider.
Considering the emerging extremist threats from the technology-bound terrorists, it is extremely significant for emergency service providers to update their technologies. The problems are manifold and common to most of the security services. Here is a brief overview of the problems.
Lack of threat awareness - Most of the security organizations tend to fail mainly due to the inability to respond appropriately to the imposing threat. The emergency services usually do not have proper access and capability to quick response system. Besides, there are organizational confusion as well as inadequate management of security services that hamper their preparedness to tackle emergency with efficiency and effectiveness.
Technological inadequacy - Lack of technological usefulness in security programs is another major concern resulting in the incapability of emergency organizations to handle security threats and attacks. Technological inadequacy is one of the most frequent causes for security organizations to fail responding to terrorist alerts and threats.
The loophole in communication systems - Integration of the security. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Emergency Operations Center Preparedness Training Assignment.
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Emergency Operations Center Preparedness Training Assignment.
“Emergency Operations Center Preparedness Training Assignment”.
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