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Question 10 - Essay Example

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It has given appropriate information to the United States decision makers as well as leaders of military from time to time from more than half a century now. It…
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Question 10
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Extract of sample "Question 10"

The National Security Agency The National Security Agency or Central Security Service is the place for America’s breakers makers. It has given appropriate information to the United States decision makers as well as leaders of military from time to time from more than half a century now. It came into existence in 1972 to endorse a complete partnership between the crptologic parts of the U.S armed forces and the National Security Agency. (NSA/CSS| 2011)
The National Security Agency/ Central Security Service is one of the unique agency of the United States because of all the responsibilities it owes to the Government of United States. It offers services and products not only to U.S Government, but to the Intelligence Community, Industry Partners, the Defense Department, Coalition allies and Selected Partners. Furthermore, it also gives strategic, tactical, critical, and valuable information to war fighters and war planners in United States Government. (NSA/CSS| 2011)
A high quantity of discretion and privacy is the primary aspect of National Security Agency/Central Security Service as a chief member of Community of Intelligence. The mission of National Security Agency/Central Security Service is Assurance of Information and sees this Assurance as an alarming challenge to protect the information from foreign enemies from getting entrance to classified or sensitive information about national security. It also has a mission of Signals Intelligence which gathers, processes, and distributes information related to information from foreign pressures for both intelligence and counterintelligence reasons and also to carry out operations of the United States military. This Agency also allows the Network Warfare to assist encounter the terrorist organizations both in the home country as well as abroad. (NSA/CSS| 2011)
It works in collaboration with the laws of United States and also guards the confidentiality and national autonomy. It exists to safeguard the nation whenever it needs it. (Centre for Strategic and International Studies|2012)
NSA/CSS. Mission. National Security Agency/Central Security Service. April 15, 2011 [ONLINE]. Available at:
Centre for Strategic and International Studies. Strategic insights and bipartisan Policy Situations. 2012. Washington DC [ONLINE]. Available at: Read More
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Question 10 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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