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Clinton vs Obama: Campaign 2008 - Essay Example

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With the US presidential election still 18 months away, the nation is focused on the Democratic primary candidates. The 2008 presidential election is shaping up as one of the most exciting events in US political history. There is an electorate that is deeply divided on foreign and domestic issues…
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Clinton vs Obama: Campaign 2008
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Download file to see previous pages With the US presidential election still 18 months away, the nation is focused on the Democratic primary candidates. The 2008 presidential election is shaping up as one of the most exciting events in US political history. There is an electorate that is deeply divided on foreign and domestic issues.There are highly qualified candidates that are challenging the current Republican administration. Add Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama to this mix and America is faced with some real decisions to make in the coming year and a half. The 2008 presidential election will be a test for America to see if they can finally set aside the unspoken issues of race and gender and vote on the critical issues that face the country.The war in Iraq is the single most important issue to American voters ("Problems and Priorities"). Obama and Clinton, as with most Americans, favor a phased withdrawal to turn over the military action to the Iraqis. However, there are some fine differences. Clinton's plan, the Iraq Troop Reduction and Protection Act of 2007, does not call for a deadline for American troops to be withdrawn (Zeleny and Semrad). Obama's plan, the Iraq War De-escalation Act of 2007, calls for total withdrawal by March 2008 (Zeleny and Semrad). Obama also differentiates himself on the war as the candidate that voted against the 2002 Congressional authorization of the war. In addition, Clinton has refused to apologize for her early support of the war fearful that it may be seen as 'flip-flopping' (Healy).
Most major polls list healthcare as a close second behind Iraq as the issue Americans feel is most important ("Problems and Priorities"). Obama and Clinton both favor increasing health coverage for adults as well as children. Clinton has detailed policies such as coverage for 5.3 million American parents under the State Children's Health Insurance Program (Clinton). Obama's policies are more sweeping and less well defined. Both candidates favor reducing costs and eliminating the disparities in health care coverage (Obama 2007). Both candidates also favor the expansion of information technology to reduce health care costs. However, Clinton has refined her position by the introduction of the Wired for Health Care Quality Act of 2006 (Clinton). Their differences lie in Clinton's extensive dedication and work on this issue beginning in the early 1990s under President Bill Clinton.
Immigration policy is also a hot issue with the American voter. Obama has stated in a Senate floor speech, "...we must allow undocumented immigrants to come out of the shadows and step on a path toward full participation in our society" (Obama 2006). Clinton has co-sponsored legislation in 2003 that would allow temporary worker status for agricultural workers ("S.1645"). Clinton has stated her position as, "...welcoming immigrants who follow the rules and are trying to build a better life for their families..." (Clinton). Though both favor increasing border enforcement, their difference lies in how to handle the existing population of undocumented workers in America. Clearly Obama favors amnesty while Clinton has been less forthcoming on the issue.
Given the current political landscape it is unlikely that the war in Iraq, health care, or immigration will see any major change or reform in policy before the 2008 election. Though these issues may determine the outcome, the first step to getting elected is getting the nomination, and that depends on fund raising. Both Clinton and Obama have shown an ability to raise large amounts of financial support but there are some differences that may affect the outcome. Obama's had twice as many donations as Clinton in the first quarter of 2007 and they were smaller contributions (Tapper). These are donors that can continue to give and provide him with a steady stream of financing. Clinton's donors are larger and may reach their maximum level either financially or legally ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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