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2008 Presidential Campaign - Essay Example

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This essay analyzes and presents the 56th presidential election, in which Obama contested with John Mc Cain and that was, certainly a historical event. The researcher aims to understand why Obama was so much popular and highly voted during 2008 election…
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2008 Presidential Campaign
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Download file to see previous pages This essay discusses the 2008 presidential campaign and presidential election, in which Obama contested with John Mc Cain. This was the election in which Obama got the highest vote and he won with the highest vote count. It happened on November 4th of 2008 and Obama was an attractive personality even when he was campaigning for the election. Barack Obama was on the part of Democrats while John Mc Cain was with Republicans. Obama voted from Illinois while John was from the senate of Arizona. The highlight of this election was that in this election Obama won the highest number of votes any president has earned in the whole history of America. Here Obama received 365 electoral votes while John received 173 electoral votes. The researcher aims to analyze the question why Obama was so much popular and highly voted during 2008 election. One of the unique features of the 2008 election was that Black got a chance to vote for someone without having racial consciousness. The unique quality of Obama was that he had the innate characteristic of reviving something or a country which was shattered in pieces. Obama before his 2008 campaign completely studied the economical situation of the country and understood the problems of common men. He was not only preaching but also practicing in a positive manner. It is then concluded by the researcher of the essay, that it was Obama’s dedication, hard work, love and compassion to his country and country men which led to his presidency to be a success. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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