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American Constitution - Essay Example

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It undoubtedly true to say that "NO American Constitution No United States" as Gladstone's contrast of the British Constitution as "the most subtle organism which has proceeded from progressive history" with the Constitution of the United States as "the most wonderful work ever struck off at a given time by the brain and purpose of man" is not altogether satisfactory…
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American Constitution Essay
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"American Constitution"

Download file to see previous pages It would be erroneous, however, to describe the frame of government, signed by Washington and his fellow-delegates at Philadelphia, as their invention. It is not so much a creation of political theorists as a codification by practical statesmen of doctrines which experience showed had worked well, or were needed for the well-working of government in their country.
Moreover, it did not fully satisfy any of its framers, and the discussion connected with its adoption disclosed a strong popular feeling that it ought to be supplemented by a formal bill of rights. Accordingly, various amendments were prepared and ten of these were ratified within two years after the original Constitution went into effect. All of these were suggested by political experience during the revolutionary and colonial periods, while some trace their origin back through English history to Magna Charta. T is clear that the Convention which drafted our Constitution did not originate with political agitators whose heads were filled with new schemes of government. It resulted from the popular conviction that the existing federal system was a failure, a conviction which was voiced by Patrick Henry 1 and other champions of state sovereignty, as well as by those who "thought continentally." How slowly this conviction matured is shown in the stages by which public opinion advanced towards the goal of the Convention. (Taylor 1998 67)

The Background of the Constitutional Convention
As early as 1643 the colonies of Massachusetts, New Plymouth, Connecticut, and New Haven drew up "Articles of Confederation of the United Colonies of New England," driven thereto by the dangers which threatened them from the hostile Indians, and from the Dutch at New Amsterdam and Fort Orange ( New York and Albany). The purpose of this confederation was principally that of mutual defence, and matters of internal affairs were expressly left to the several colonies, but nevertheless the commissioners were directed to "endeavoured to frame and establish agreements and orders in general cases of a civil nature wherein all the plant cons are interested for preserving peace among themselves, and preventing as much as may bee all occasions of war or difference with others." (Tucker, 1997 74)
Provision was also made for the return by each colony to the authorities of the others of runaway servants and escaped criminals. Control of the affairs of the confederation was put into the hands of eight commissioners, two from each colony, and in most matters action could be taken by the concurrence of six commissioners. 2 The confederation functioned actively until the conquest of New Netherlands in 1664, and there were occasional meetings of the commissioners for twenty years more, when the organization finally fell apart.
In 1684 representatives of Massachusetts, New York, Maryland, and Virginia met at Albany to provide for measures of defence against the Five Nations, and ten years later representatives from Massachusetts, New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey met at the same place to frame a treaty with the same Indian tribes. While in 1721 there was a gathering of New England governors ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The American Constitution
...The American Constitution The United States initiated their administrative past as English colonies making them to actively participate in the creation of the English idea of “liberty” via the lawful differences. Civilian conflicts played an important part in determining the British constitution. It is important to take into account that most Americans, predominantly the Northern colonies, drew their origin to the ancient English Commonwealth. The Americans shared the English notion of “liberty,” with grander belief and peculiar guarantee than even the British people. It is undeniable that the development of American statutory ideas...
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American Constitution
...that had produced the 13 Articles of Confederation, which were incorporated into the Constitution, representing the Declaration of Independence. There is no other country that, since its birth, has been guided by the same document that was created at the time of the country’s birth. Fourth, we know that the Constitution is vague enough in its guarantees as to be flexible and applicable with changing times, to the present modernity often referred to as the New Age. Thus, the United States Constitution is a living document; a finely crafted living document. It is not the product of happenstance or chaos, but is the product of collaborative philosophies that guided the...
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Cases in the american constitution
...This is a landmark case in United s law. It formed the basis for the exercise of judicial review in the United s under Article III of the Constitution. Marbury vs. Madison resulted from a petition to the Supreme Court by William Marbury, who had been appointed as Justice of the Peace in the District of Columbia by President John Adams shortly before leaving office, but whose commission was not delivered as required by John Marshall, Adams Secretary of State. When Thomas Jefferson assumed office, he ordered the new Secretary of State, James Madison, to withhold Marburys and several other mens commissions. Being unable to assume the appointed offices without the commission documents, Marbury and three others petitioned the...
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Foundation of the American constitution
...Foundation of the American Constitution Affiliation: The first constitution was d the Article of confederation and it was drafted between 1776 and 1777 and it was ratified by 13 states. This article limited the central government’s power and made congress to make the decisions and implement them. This was later amended as well as other articles and laws to be made and included in what we now know as the constitution. The drafting of the constitution was done in 1787 under the presence of 74 delegates. This was later ratified in 1789 and George Washington became the president (Vile, 2010). The Bill of rights borrowed heavily and was influenced by the...
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American Constitution Law 1.1
...American constitutional law American constitutional law Mapp v. Ohio, 367 U.S. 643 (1961) Decided in 1961 Cleveland Law enforcers arrived in the appellant home in search of information that a certain individual was hiding in the appellants home who was needed for questioning and interrogation in association with bombing, and that there were certain things being concealed in that residence. Mapp and he daughter lived in that home and when the police officers arrived, they knocked the door and demanded to enter but Miss Mapp upon conducting her lawyer; she declined to allow the police officers in her house without a valid search warrant. The police officers were permitted to conduct a surveillance of the resident. Three hours later... ...
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...American Constitutional Law Name of University 25 Nov 2014 How the arrest in Terry v. Ohio in Action could have been lawfully made? Fourth Amendment prohibits unreasonable searches and seizures of people’s “persons, houses, papers, and effects” without a warrant that a police cannot obtain without a warrant followed by his oath or affirmation, and especially with a description of the place the police wants to search and persons or things , the police wants to seize. Thus, the Fourth Amendment was made in keeping with the principle that a mans house is his castle, and he should be free from...
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American Constitution Law 3 J
... case and acquitted. It is with deep regret that I write this letter trying to explain why Johnson cannot be retried for your family member’s murder. I hope you find solace with the fact that one of the perpetrators may be found guilty of the same. Sincerely Yours, ……………………… References Stephens, O. H., & Scheb, J. M. (2008). American constitutional law, Vol. 1: Sources of power and restraint, (4th ed.). New York: CENGAGE Learning. Stuart, G. L. (2004). Miranda: The story of Americas right to remain silent. Tucson, Arizona: University of Arizona Press.... Concept of Double Jeopardy Concept of Double Jeopardy Dear ……….., It is with deep regret that I have to be the bearer of bad newsin the wake of the new testimony brought in the case against...
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American Constitution Law 4 paper
...that the state of Illinois was under a duty to provide him with a trial counsel at his expense as dictated by the Sixth and Fourteenth Amendments to the Constitution. The Illinois intermediate appellate court affirmed the conviction by the Circuit Court. The Supreme Court of the state of Illinois also rejected the appellant’s argument and stated that it wasn’t obligated to extend its decision in Argersinger v Hamlin (1972) to the case. Although the appellant was charged with an offense for which imprisonment was authorized upon conviction, the appellant had only been fined $50 instead of imprisonment. Judgment: the appellant further lodged his appeal in the Supreme Court of United States. In its judgment the court...
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