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U.S. Presidential Election 2008 - Essay Example

The US Presidential Elections is one of the most grandiose political event in the recent times The publicity associated with it is perhaps justified, for the President of the United States is invariably one of the most important political positions around the globe. Though the media has been flooded with news about the elections, the following are five news pieces which deal with various topics.A recent poll conducted by New York Times and CBS News Poll has revealed that the use of bitter and personal remarks against Barrack Obama has backfired strongly for Republican John McCain. 60% of the voters believed that McCain was spending more time attacking Obama than explaining his future strategies as President. 53% of the voters said that they would vote for Obama if the elections were to be held today, while 39% maintained their support for McCain. Another factor that seems to be working against McCain is his choice of Sarah Palin as his running mate. As the Election Day draws closer, Barrack Obama is gradually narrowing the gap between himself and the Presidential seat.No one can deny that aura and charm has played an integral role in the US Presidential Race, 2008. It is one of the key qualities which Obama uses very efficiently to his advantage. His youthful energy and excellent oratorical skills, coupled with his promise for change has completely mystified the American youth. But Dennis Byrne argues that there is much more to a President than just charm. Once the aura fades away, a President

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The 2008 US Election

The author states that in the 2008 elections, the Democrats had a number of aspirants who included Barrack Hussein Obama, Joe Bidden, and Hillary Clinton, the wife of the former US president Bill Clinton among others.  On the other hand, the Republicans also carried out their preliminary nominations prior to the 2008 elections.

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Barrack Obama's Presidential Campaign in 2008 and Web 2.0
Today we are not using web as a tool, instead we are becoming part of it. Although individuals interrelated with a network of computers may seem like the bad plot of a pulp science fiction novel, it is a clear and evident indication of what we are experiencing today.
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Influence of Third Party Candidates on the Outcome of the 2008 Presidential Election
Influence of Third Party Candidates on the Outcome of the 2008 Presidential Election. There are speculations concerning the U.S.A Presidential Elections in relation to the question whether, the third party candidate garnered sufficient strength of becoming a substantial contender.
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Presidential election of 2012
The scoreboard of United States of America, consisting of the fifty states shows how votes were distributed among the peoples, and who they thought to be the most popular candidate. President Barack Obama won the elections with a total vote of 62,088,847 at a 50.6 percent, while his opponent Romney gathered 58,783,137 at 47.9% (BBC bbc.co.uk).
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hat Clinton is harping in the issue of race to get ahead of Obama in the electoral race and there are also many who think that Obama is banking on the issue of race to agitate the feelings of black people and encourage them to vote for him. Yet, is there is really racism
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Youth voting behavior/turnout for 2000 & 2004 presidential elections and predictions for 2008 election
Campaign promises are often aimed at attracting a voter bloc based on gender, race, union affiliation, or age. Since the turn of the 21st century, the youth vote, and their role in presidential politics,
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Why did Barack Obama win the US presidential election in 2008
ith global ramifications, a seemingly never ending war in Iraq and a healthcare system desperately in need of reform, President’s Obama’s attempts at completely overhauling healthcare in the United States have recently landed his administration in hot water. Accordingly,
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2008 Presidential Campaign
Obama was an African American with a white mother and Kenyan father and born in Hawaii. Barack Obama is unique in American presidential history. By virtue of his biracial identity and international upbringing, Americans believed they were breaking the mold when they elected the first African American president in 2008.
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Improving the Presidential Election Process
Events dealing with primary elections are scheduled by local and state governments between January and June of every election year while caucuses are run by individual political parties.
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Election results
Elections have been used to fill offices of legislature, executive and at times the judiciary, and for regional and local governments. The election process though usually political has been applied to other sectors such as in business organizations and
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has to make extremely tough choices which deeply influence peoples' lives. Byrne believes that Obama's inexperience might be a problem once he actually has to start working in office.

Cohen, Roger. "Palin's American Exception" New York Times. 25 September, 2008.
In her first speech after being nominated as the Vice Presidential candidate, Sarah Palin remarked repeatedly how "exceptional" a country USA is. Roger Cohen takes a rather satirical stand on that and expresses how Americans have been conveniently ignoring the problems facing them as they prefer to live in denial. He believes that the country has been deep in crisis since the last eight years and has found it difficult to come out victorious. Later, he also expresses the stark differences between the two Presidential candidates. He believes that realism is the need of the hour and Barrack Obama is more capable of providing USA with clarity and coherence.

Los Angeles Times. "Immigration, Abortion and the Next President". October 17, 2008. http://www.latimes.com/news/opinion/editorials/la-ed-equality17-2008oct17,0,6873423.story
The article talks about Barrack Obama's and John McCain's ideology on various socially relevant issues. These issues involve homosexuality, stem cell research among others. But this particular article focuses on the two rather sensitive topics- abortion and immigration. It is interesting to note that their views regarding immigration are somewhat similar . Both acknowledge that the system is broken and favor securing borders, creating a guest-worker program and providing a path to citizenship. But when it comes to abortion, both completely contradict each other. While McCain believes that Roe v/s Wade, the legal case that lead to the historic legalisation of abortion should be overturned, Barrack Obama maintains that the judgement should persist. Statistics seem to be working in his favor, as abortion rates have declined by nearly 33% since 1974.


The US Presidential Elections is one of the most grandiose political event in the recent times The publicity associated with it is perhaps justified, for the President of the United States is invariably one of the most important political positions around the globe. …
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U.S. Presidential Election 2008
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