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Voting - Essay Example

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On November 5th every election year, the excuses begin concerning the National Presidential Election and people's failure to vote. Coffee and water cups are filled as co-workers expand on their latest reasons for not voting. The biggest excuses are that they were too busy to make it to the polls, and they couldn't make a decision…
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Download file to see previous pages... Americans have more opportunities to vote then any other country in the world, and the impact of voting is felt in every aspect of American life. From the beginning of American history, it has been proven that voting is important.
History highlights the importance of voting and the terrible conditions that occur when this right does not exist or is suppressed. During the Revolutionary Era the French, Haitians, and Americans recognized the destructive power of living under a government without a voice. The French masses starved while the aristocrats dinned well under the regime of Louise XIV. Like the Americans, the masses were taxed heavily without representation. No taxation without representation was an ideology that spurred on the American Revolution once the Stamp Act was enacted. In addition, after the implementation of the Stamp Act, "ordinary people came together to call for the boycotting of British goods" (Woods, 1992, p. 244). People began to understand how coming together to influence policy would make a difference in government.
The Haitian Revolution demonstrates the biggest impact of living under a government without representation. There were 600,000 black slaves living in Haiti (Girard, 2005). The other ruling groups were comprised of French Officials, white planters, and free blacks total population was approximately 60,000 (Girard, 2005). As the Americans and French lived under unfair laws, the Haitian slaves lived under the Black Codes (Ros, 1991). The Black Codes invited white men and women planters to decide the fate of a black slave on a whim. One woman burned her slave alive in an oven, because of a slightly burnt pie (Ros, 1991). There weren't Civil Rights for the 600,000 slaves, who were bound to the earth and deprived of social mobility. They lived in dirty huts in a society where torture instruments were hung in the windows of prominent businesses (Girard, 2005). The Haitian, French, and Americans eventually won their freedom, but it was at great risks and many deaths. The sacrifices made then and the perils the people endured emphasize the importance of the average person participating in the government. Common people must remain vigilant to the new laws created and make sure they benefit the entire society. No pure democracy is in existence. Democracy is a work in progress. Constant participation by the public is vital to ensure there is a balance in society, where the average person has a voice.
Next, with the protective laws passed such as the Family and Medical Leave Act, the Civil Rights Act, and the American with Disabilities Act, many Americans feel they are safe from unfair treatment. They don't need to participate in the government or provide balance. The current governmental system will simply take care of itself and them. Voting isn't necessary. Yet, there are a growing number of individuals that don't believe that we need regulatory laws that will govern discriminatory behavior. A very popular American President, Ronald Regan supported this notion. He "enacted the Executive Order 12991 in 1981, where no regulatory action can be undertaken unless the potential benefits to society outweigh the potential cost" (Bennett-Alexander & Hartman, 2007, p. 4). Supporters of this policy state that businesses want to make profit. They will hire the most qualified person without discriminating, because it will give them a strategic ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Though different methods of electing people in leadership positions have been tried in the course of human civilization, Lijphart (1999,pp 57-61)argues that voting is one of the oldest methods and it has undergone a lot of transformation to the current period.
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Voting Right
He made no allowance for those of other backgrounds, or for minorities such as women. In defense of Jefferson, at that time most people of other races such as African-Americans were slaves, and the movement to grant women voting rights had not even begun to form, much less fight.
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USA wants to make itself a model for other democracies. It is a well-known fact that democratic governments are run by the people, and they are accountable for every action. In direct democracy, usually people vote for every issue that surfaces. Nonetheless, there is no perfect model of direct democracy in the world.
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Voting Systems
So, we can say that the major difference in voting system occurs among the three voting systems, and not within them. Some of the details and description of three kinds of voting systems which is given below will help us in understanding the phenomenon of each voting system.
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Mandatory Voting
Miller argues that he "doesn't want some idiot who doesn't know anything about the issue deciding who will be president or whether to raise my taxes"; rather he has confidence in the mature and intelligent people who turn out to vote. Miller claims "to change that would be a recipe for disaster." In my opinion, Miller is correct in his assessment of the present state of affairs working well as is and that lowering the voting age would not be beneficial; however changes in our current voting laws to offer an incentive could be implemented to make them more effective.
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Voting Poll
It therefore becomes pertinent to describe the potential flaws with these public opinion polls and the extent at which they cause inaccuracies (Asher, 1998). One of the potential
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This happens when the people go out on the voting day and cast their valuable votes. Voting is significant because it allows the people to choose the sincerest leaders and thus carve out their
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Voting and Turnout
Common sense dictates that carrying an identity proof should be essential to stop fraudsters from voting more than once. The U.S. Supreme Court has also upheld the law on presenting the government provided photo ID (Lee, 2012). It is argued
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Voting behavior
The voting behavior normally focuses on the two candidates; Obama and McCain with the other candidates having less significance in the way that people voted. Voters exhibited various behaviors in terms of demographics, the economic conditions and
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Voting Rights Act
Section 2 of the Voter Rights Act, VRA applies to all states and political subdivisions unlike the section 5 which places the burden
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