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Political science - Essay Example

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One unique issue with so-called American axioms is with regards to the overall level of applicability they have. As with stereotypes, political maxims might be useful in defining a certain percentage of the way in which the process occurs; however, they are ultimately unfit with regards to explaining the entire process…
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Political science
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"Political science"

Download file to see previous pages Firstly, and perhaps most importantly, the reader should come to a full and complete understanding and appreciation for the fact that poaching in and of itself should not be held as the highest representation of the Democratic process. For instance, there are many highly undemocratic nations around the world to participate in the voting. For instance, history is replete with examples of nations that it held fraudulent elections as a means of seeking to convince the respective stakeholders within their societies that their governments is ultimately legitimate. Within such a function, the voting process in and of itself cannot and should not be understood to be defined as the true lifeblood of a democracy (Lever 225). Rather, voting is merely an exhibition of the good faith that the stakeholders within society understand their role with relation to the governing authority. For instance, although the United States might wish to believe that it exhibits the highest level of democracy within the world, the fact of the matter is quite the contrary. Ultimately, only two choices are given with regards to the political party affiliation that the candidates have to offer. Naturally, there is also the political affiliation of independent; however this is rarely used. Whereas compared to the other nations in the world, a litany of political parties help to define the way in which key interests of the populace are illustrated, the United States system only allows for choice between two political parties. In such a way, the level and extent to which voting within such a two-party/limited system serves to be the lifeblood of democracy ultimately comes under a high level of scrutiny (Coley 6). Naturally, voting within such a context is necessarily cheapened as compared to voting within a context where greater level of choice exists. Ultimately, the point that should most be understood within the preceding analysis is with regards to the fact the process of voting in and of itself does not guarantee democracy anymore than evidence of political opposition disproves the evidence of a dictatorship. More importantly, with respect to the American system of governance, the main objective that this author has is with regards to the level and extent of the knowledge base that the voters are bringing to the election cycles. Although it is oftentimes been the case that scholars have looked down upon the average voter as misinformed and ultimately provincial, statistics in recent years have underscored the fact that the American voting populace is becoming increasingly clueless with regards to both the domestic political situation and the global realities that define the world in which we live. Within such an understanding, the process of voting itself must be understood to be of secondary or even tertiary importance as compared to the level of information and for knowledge that the voter himself/herself is able to exhibit with regards to the many issues that inform different elections that take place within a democracy. Whereas it is not the purpose of this analysis to advocate any type of a poll tax or regression into many of the previously practiced ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Political science
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