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This paper, Valuing People: Policy and Practice, looks into Valuing People as policy and describes what has been practiced. Particularly, it looks into the aims of the policy, its origins and links to other policies and legislation, and its philosophical basis…
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Valuing People: Policy and Practice
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Download file to see previous pages From this paper it is clear that learning disability has to be understood by anyone wanting to be true to the tenets of the UK white paper, Valuing People. Learning disability, the object to be tackled, is said to include “the presence of a significantly reduced ability to understand new or complex information, to learn new skills with a reduced ability to cope independently, which started before adulthood, with a lasting effect on development”.
This study highlights that Valuing People has cross-Government backing and its proposals are intended to result in improvements in education, social services, health, employment, housing and support for people with learning disabilities and their families and carers.  Recent laws such as the Disability Discrimination Act and the Human Rights Act are suggested to be able to help these people get what they need if they are not allowed these choices, or if people put barriers in their way. The policy aims to ensure that disabled people gain maximum life chance benefits from educational opportunities, health and social care while living with their families or in other appropriate settings. It wants to ensure continuity of care and support and equality of opportunity for as many learning-disabled people as possible in education, training, or employment. Through this policy also, the Government aims to enable people with learning disabilities to lead full and purposeful lives in their communities and develop a range of activities including leisure interests, friendships and relationships....
ve learning disabilities.3 Reviews of prominent studies in Europe, North America and Australia that have screened whole populations, however, have found that 6 people per 1,000 of the overall population have learning disability, mild or severe.4
The white paper, Valuing People, is based on four key principles: civil rights, independence, choice and inclusion, and sets out an ambitious and challenging programme of action for improving services,5 and working in partnership with people with learning disabilities on a national level is its vision. 6
Valuing People has cross-Government backing and its proposals are intended to result in improvements in education, social services, health, employment, housing and support for people with learning disabilities and their families and carers.7 Recent laws such as the Disability Discrimination Act and the Human Rights Act are suggested to be able to help these people get what they need if they are not allowed these choices, or if people put barriers in their way.8
Already, the government had created a new National Learning Disability Task Force including people.9 The Service Users Advisory Group since then had changed to become the new National Forum for People with Learning Disabilities. It is including more people from all over England and has since then helped the Task Force and the Government to look at services and policies for people with learning disabilities.10
Valuing People describes itself as a new strategy for learning disability for the 21st Century. It was presented to Parliament by the Secretary of State for Health on March 2001. Including relevant appendix, it is a 149-page three-part document of ten chapters about the status of learning disability, the problems and challenges, the new vision for people with ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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