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Select and critically appraise a policy document that is relevant to your area of practice. Critically analyse the evidence bas - Essay Example

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Select and critically appraise a policy document that is relevant to your area of practice. Critically analyse the evidence base, for the development of a plan to support the implementation of this aspect of policy in practice. Introduction The National Health Services has established the Slips, Trips and Falls policy in order to impact on all individuals involved in healthcare delivery of healthcare services as part of the general population or as contractors…
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Select and critically appraise a policy document that is relevant to your area of practice. Critically analyse the evidence bas
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Extract of sample "Select and critically appraise a policy document that is relevant to your area of practice. Critically analyse the evidence bas"

Download file to see previous pages The Trust also guarantees that slips and trips and falls experienced by staff visitors as well as contractors are reported and then managed by the Trust. The National Health Services white paper has established plans in order to secure savings from their delivery of health services, allowing these savings to be reinvested in the primary care services of the agency. The Department of Health (2012) has declared that the health care system in general is being challenged to improve the quality of their health services while still trying to reduce its cost and financial impact. As such, savings can be secured by changing the practice and the NHS system. Possible savings which nurses can provide to overall services represent millions of pounds a year (Gainsbury, 2009). Such potential must therefore be explored and expanded. Through the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement, there are several high impact actions which come from data suggested by nurses and midwives in the UK. Falls prevention is one of these HIAs which seem to call for new processes in management (Power, 2009). The nursing profession is one which has, from the very start been focused on securing quality care for the patients (Fabre, 2009). I am a nurse working fulltime and in the unit where I am assigned to, fall risks are one of the problems identified, and its prevention seems to merit more improvements in the current existing policies on slips, trips, and falls. Slips, trips, and falls prevention and management managed to provide an updated standard in the management and prevention of falls. The policy impacts on all in-patient admissions as well as staff members. As discussed by Andersson,, 2006 there have been identified issues in the planning and implementation of the policy. Andreoli,, (2010) points out that the implementation of policies seem to be removed from reality, especially as many policy-makers and recipients often do not understand or appreciate the processes which are needed in order to make the policy work. Kubler (2001) highlights that fact that the passage of legislation of policy is not necessarily associated with the achievement and accomplishment of policy goals and objectives. In the hospital where I work, the top-down policy implementation process is being implemented. This has allowed for the implementation of the policy from the management level down to the employee level. Based on the data gathered by the NHS, the issue of slips and falls is a significant one and the NHS has understood the importance of prioritizing falls prevention and management (Laurance, 2012). Based on a review of the present data on slips, trips and falls, specific changes were made on its implementation (Laurance, 2012). The goal of preventing and managing falls and its risks is to improve the safety of patients and health professionals who are exposed to risks of falling (NHS, 2010). The policy is mostly related to the assessment of data, the implementation of preventive measures, as well as the implementation of multi-disciplinary working. It also secures guidelines for the staff, giving standards which seek to manage the unit’s prevention strategy, to reduce inpatient falls, and consequently decrease ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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