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UK National Health Service - Assignment Example

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The author of the paper analyses the key changes in a health and social care policy from 1832 to the present day. Additionally, the paper also discusses the United Kingdom welfare state as well as aspects of the United Kingdom National Health Service…
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UK National Health Service
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Extract of sample "UK National Health Service"

Download file to see previous pages Since then, the government is engaged in expanding the scope of health and social care policy as an attempt to become the best welfare state. 
First published in 1942, Social Insurance and Allied service, which was widely known as Beveridge Report, was the work of Sir William Beveridge. The aim was to take the state towards the welfare state. In 1942, this influential report was completed and published. 
He described various maladies such as disease, idleness, ignorance, squalor as the giant evils and proposed wide-spread reforms in each area (Beveridge, 1969). This report also became the basis for the scheme for free school meals and vaccination against diphtheria for the children who were studying the school.
As the medical profession criticized the separation of NHS in 3 parts, local health authorities, general practice, and hospitals, the unification of these services were approved with Enoch Powell’s Hospital Plan.
The aim of this report was to do an investigation in prevalent inequality in healthcare services in the country despite the founding of NHS and was commissioned by then-secretary of state, David Ennuals.
This plan brought about the biggest change in healthcare in the country with increased funding and reform to eliminate geographical inequalities, extension in patient choice and improvement in service standards. 
The concept of welfare state includes the key role of the state in promotion as well as protection of its citizens which includes health, social and economic being. The Poor laws implemented by Royal commission in 1832 anticipated the modern UK welfare state. They were ceased when it was found that they were abused by people.
As the labor party became very popular with the people, the Liberal party initiated Liberal welfare reforms and laid the foundation of the modern state. Gradually, they were extended to all fields during next 40 years. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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