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The Effects of the Disinvestment of a Transnational Corporation in the United Kingdom: A Study of Pfizer UK - Essay Example

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After the Second World War, Transnational Corporations (TNCs) replaced the colonial companies that traded on behalf of nations in foreign territories (Letto-Gilles, 2005). Thus, these business entities replaced the imperialist mining and plantation owners in foreign territories. …
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The Effects of the Disinvestment of a Transnational Corporation in the United Kingdom: A Study of Pfizer UK
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Extract of sample "The Effects of the Disinvestment of a Transnational Corporation in the United Kingdom: A Study of Pfizer UK"

Download file to see previous pages Jones & Dunning (1997) define transnational corporations as “enterprises which own or control value-added services in two or more countries” (p1).
Typically, a transnational company might have different interests in different countries to produce and sell similar products in different countries. TNCs build and develop infrastructure in these foreign countries and employ locals who combine factors of production to produce goods and services. The final output is often either exported or consumed locally.
The operations of TNCs have both positive and negative impacts on the home country. The impacts affect areas like the economy, entrepreneurship in the nation, technology transfer and the livelihood of its employees.
This paper examines the case of an American TNC operating in the UK, Pfizer. It assumes that Pfizer UK is being folded up and the investments by the American owners are being withdrawn. It therefore evaluates the impact of such a disinvestment and disintegration activity by the parent company of Pfizer.
Analyses of Pfizer UK
Pfizer UK is a pharmaceutical research and manufacturing company in operating in various outlets in the UK (Pfizer UK Website Home Page, 2011). Pfizer UK is has its offices located in two different parts of the UK and several plants that manufacture its products and some research centers that develop products (Pfizer UK Website Corporate Overview, 2011).
to promote amongst other things: advanced wellness and health prevention systems, use the best scientific methods, set high quality ethical standard sin medicine, expand to provide its services globally, promote research, lead social integration of medicine and increase the wealth of its shareholders (Pfizer UK Website Commitments, 2011) Pfizer UK uses technology systems that link it to global partners through its American headquarters (Pfizer UK Website Research, 2011). It seeks to apply science in research through the most sophisticated portals made available by its American partners. Pfizer UK also employs the brightest persons in the UK in the field of pharmacy, medicine, the biological sciences, engineering and other natural sciences (Pfizer Careers Website, 2011). Although most of the researchers and workers are British nationals, there are occasional introductions of foreign nationals, especially in cases where exceptional skills are needed to accomplish a given research. In the UK, Pfizer is in the same industry as Johnson & Johnson, Abbott Laboratories, GlaxoSmithKline & AstraZeneca. These competitors are of the same stature as Pfizer in terms of assets and revenue. There is also a myriad of smaller pharmaceutical companies in the UK that compete with Pfizer, albeit of a much smaller significance to the drug giant. Due to the position that Pfizer occupies in the UK medical research and pharmaceutical manufacture, the decision to fold up will affect various units of the UK in several way. They are examined below. Impact on Technological Development in the UK Pfizer UK uses state-of-the-art technology and innovative tools that are used in the study and manufacture of drugs for the local and international markets. “Technology is the practical application of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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