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Medical Prescription for a Diabetic Patient in Prison, Educating Doctors - Essay Example

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The paper "Medical Prescription for a Diabetic Patient in Prison, Educating Doctors" examines how eating habits, balanced diets, age, beta-blocker medication, stress, body mass index, kitchen shopping lists and women to see if there is a connection. …
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Medical Prescription for a Diabetic Patient in Prison, Educating Doctors
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Extract of sample "Medical Prescription for a Diabetic Patient in Prison, Educating Doctors"

Download file to see previous pages This study examines how eating habits, balanced diets, age, beta-blocker medication, stress, body mass index, kitchen shopping lists and women to see if there is a connection. There was an observation on their food intake and eating habits, measurement was done on weight, physical activity, stress levels and sleeping cycle.
This paper presents a case study of a 59-year-old prison patient who is type 2 diabetes under the prescription of a drug called 500 mg, which he is to take two tablets two times every day. The old man suffers from no other medical problems, not to mention that he is not allergic to any type of medication. In order to undertake the correct clinical management plan, it is fundamental to lay-out the history of the patient. For the last three years, the 59 old has suffered from diabetes. With respect to the prescriptions and measured to mitigate the condition, the patient has had a healthy diet. However, being in prison environment has left the patient to struggle so as to maintain a healthy diet, not to mention of inadequate access to other healthier options. Therefore, this paper undertakes an extensive and intensive clinical management plan for the patient, in an effort to study and come up with results as to whether the prescriptions of Gliclazide 80mg twice daily in glycaemic control is attained with the metformin.
Treatment should harmonize with the causative agent. Diagnosis requires elevated clinical examination together with a continuous examination, microbial analyses, and radiographic examination. Diagnosis calls for the use of several procedures such as Clinical, sugar, and microbiological diagnosis. Prevention should be the focus of clinicians. The act of elimination or minimizing the incidence of diabetes to a level below threshold gets highly significant (Niederman, 2006).
Each of the diagnostic procedures has its advantages and disadvantages. The viability of the procedures requires “gold standards” for the analysis of diabetes.  The microbiological method has yielded a good result when compared with other methods. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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