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Electoral capture - Essay Example

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The present essay "Electoral capture" will focus on the discussion of the status of black Americans during the national electoral process. The paper will reveal some aspect of the political parties which is founded on the marginalization of black interests and the poor in a light of some theories…
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Electoral capture
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Download file to see previous pages Frymer states that the ideas of electoral capture is a phenomenon where a topical and relevant group of citizens confidently votes for a certain leader and supports one of the key political parties, and thus realize the majority opposition party noticing little or no attempts to recruit or get any support from the group. This practice occurs for a long time because of ideological and historical reasons (Frymer 24). With time, the group will support a specific party. Electoral capture is especially applied in instances when a certain group has no other option apart from remaining with the political party it is associated with, since the opposing party has no or little interest in winning the group's support. In this sense therefore, the party with the majority that has been backed takes it for granted that the group voted for it. Thus, the "captured" voters are politically trapped and their issues are done away with, on both sides of the coin.
Baatels's arguments become consistent with Frymer's theory at some point. Bartels found that, the poor do better in times when Democrats are in power though neither of the parties represents them as expected. It is logical to argue that, Frymer's findings have changed since in the election of Obama. During Bill Clinton's times, the Blacks felt neglected on several spectrums by the Democrats. However, with Obama's election, there has been a tremendous change in diversity in America. The Latino population has risen for more than 50%., as well as a noticeable expansion in the Pacific/Asian population, which are some of the minority groups. This means that ultimately, the candidates will appeal to such marginalized groups of voters. Eventually, legislators' representation to citizens, there is a big number of the rich, white men in power, but critically thinking, this does not show their constituents' dynamism in wealth, race, or class, and when such an idea is brought into light, the inadequacy of diverse representation is blown off as political correctness ramblings. To suggest that the unequal consideration is true and taking effect and that misrepresentation is evident between the legislatures and the citizens being represented is indeed correct. Maligning such a reality is diminutive, and does not address the issue that maybe legislators fail to understand their constituents, and simply take their votes for ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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