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Political Science 10 - Term Paper Example

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As Frymer (1999) described it, “electoral capture” refers a phenomenon when a nominal group stunningly votes or advocates either of the two major political parties. However, the opposing major political party has done less or no effort at all to achieve support from the…
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Political Science 10 Term Paper
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Download file to see previous pages The aim of this paper is to understand and evaluate whether, in American politics, Paul Frymer’s theory relates to or explains Larry Bartels’ observations about the poor, per se, considered as one of the “captured groups.”
In Uneasy Alliances, Frymer challenged how people, especially the Americans, view alliances, different races or groups, politics and its parties, and the American politics itself. All over the world, in politics, it is a standard principle to appeal to all kinds of groups in order to win an office. Frymer showed the opposite. He showed that all groups, majority and most especially the minority, are treated poorly and not equally. Politicians spend much of their time, efforts, and resources on white voters, thus damaging or disabling the African-American group. As the Republicans and Democrats try to appeal to White voters, they however, distance themselves from the group of Black voters. Black voters are then ignored and often left with bleak alternatives. The African-American group is a dominant example of a ‘“captured group.” Frymer strongly discussed America’s political system in which having only two parties is the one to blame for the inequality of the treatment of groups in the country. Just as the former president Bill Clinton did, he disassociated himself from the African-American voters so that he could win the Oval Office. Frymer juxtaposed the Black voter’s position with that of other social groups: lesbians, gays, and the Christians. They, too, have been “captured” and ignored.
In his research and findings, Bartels focuses on the data and representation of the U.S. senators between the late 80s and early 90s – how they respond according to the income distribution of their constituents. Bartels aimed to deliver a distinctive study of how politicians, especially senators during the specified period and/or year, made policies ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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