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Refugee Experience in Palestine, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan - Assignment Example

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The paper "Refugee Experience in Palestine, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan" discusses that with respect to differences, Afghanistan has faced greater stress in terms of national security pressure where Palestine was observed to face problems due to increased poverty and unemployment. …
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Refugee Experience in Palestine, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan
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Extract of sample "Refugee Experience in Palestine, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan"

Download file to see previous pages There are several standards, codes, establishments and practices for ensuring human security. The edges for supporting human security concentrate on its protection as well as its empowerment. Protection necessitates combined efforts to create rules, actions and foundations that methodically defend people from any kind of risk towards violence. Similarly, empowerment allows people to improve their potentials and become significant contributors in decision-making practices which can have an inevitable impact on their regular life. Based on such rudiments, the initiatives taken by states, non-states and intergovernmental organisations for placing human security at foremost programmes can be identified as follows: Inhibiting conflict and encouraging human rights Defending and endowing people and societies Developing democratic philosophies and practices Shielding human security culture and structure2 The military also played a quite significant function in ensuring human security for any state or country.
The humanitarian emergencies caused by battle or by natural calamities result in unparalleled waves of ‘long term displacement’ and people who are displaced inside borders are identified as ‘Internally Displaced Persons’ according to the UN Convention 1951 (IDP)4. However, the concept of ‘forced displacement’ can be identified as new inclusion in Palestine, one of the UN countries. In Palestine, refugees are displaced mainly due to restrictions of the native movements internationally, ‘revocation of residency rights’ owing to the military activities of Israel accumulated by the inaccessibility of necessary amenities. The displacement in Palestine is large scale in nature and cause relocation of thousand people at a time5. These ‘long term displacements’ have been noted to result in loss of housing, property and sources of employment. Besides, displacement in Palestine also tend to influence the access for refugees to essential services and intimidates the stability of families, affecting them to become increasingly dependent on charitable supports. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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