Use of force including terrorism - Research Paper Example

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Terrorist activities include weapons that can achieve all the works that are targeted towards the people. Terrorism is found to the strategy that is adopted by the weaker group to form a conflict and gain what they desire…
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Use of force including terrorism
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"Use of force including terrorism"

Download file to see previous pages Terrorist activities include weapons that can achieve all the works that are targeted towards the people. Terrorism is found to the strategy that is adopted by the weaker group to form a conflict and gain what they desire.Being an asymmetric manner of use of force, it involves coercive power with all the benefits of military force given at a meager cost. Terrorist groups are of secretive nature and of relatively low strength. This makes it difficult for their opponents to defend them. Opponents of all terrorist groups struggle and fail to develop a working strategy against them. They cannot often locate the group and cannot therefore fight against them. Terrorists work on a strong motivation which cannot be taken off from their mind by any force. This motivation makes them use force; perform violence and bloodshed without any hesitation. Terrorism is also an effective way to use force and make a conflict as the adversaries often fail to understand the nature of the threat. They would mistake it as a criminal activity and do not undertake the right strategy that would help them fight these groups. Because of these special characteristics of terrorist activities, terrorism has become a popular and effective way of conflict for people who have kept extreme goals before them. No other strategy can make a minority achieve a special territory. Terrorism is the method of use of force adopted by the extremist groups around the globe. However, terrorism is certainly a nebulous strategy. Even the United States government is perplexed when it comes to the matter of terrorism. Recently, multiple attacks aimed at US have been thwarted by the authorities in different countries. Two explosive packages addressed to Chicago-area synagogues have been captured. The plot brings doubt that al-Qaida is launching yet another terrorist attack on US. The US President called the attacks a credible terrorist threat. The US policy of using force, however, is less effective in checking terrorism. As per the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, law enforcement officers are legally entitled to use force. According to The International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP), there are five different components in using force: physical, electronic, chemical, impact and firearm. Terrorist attacks are also of different types. First is the type of attack that involves usage of weapons with mass destruction. Next is the kind of terrorist activity that includes weapons of extensive causality. Next type of terrorist activity involves weapons that give mass disruption. Different types of terrorist activities show different types of terrorist intentions. Weapons of mass destruction used by terrorists brings damage on buildings, bridges, cultural places, computer systems, networks, parks and other communication facilities. Such attacks would destroy the major structures of the society. Weapon of mass casualty brings extensive sicknesses and deaths. For example chemical and biological weapons bring mass causality. These types of weapons are termed as weapons of mass (extensive) destruction. These weapons cause economic, political and social damage to the society that is targeted. Moreover there are magnetic pulse weapons that are intended to destroy computer operation. Cyber terrorism makes the computer hacked thereby destroying major government records and economic records (bank records). Agro terrorism is the act of blocking or destroying food supplies, fuel supplies and other major supplies. Terrorist activities include weapons that can achieve all the works that are targeted towards the people. September 11 attack was one of that kind. The attack brought mass destruction of a major infrastructure of the nation (the World Trade Centre and Pentagon). It further brought about mass causality; almost 3000 people were killed. It also made mass disruption. Loss of finance (millions of dollars) because of the absence of World Trade Centre) was one such destruction. Fear of future attack, shutdown ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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