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International Terrorism A Closer Look - Essay Example

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This essay discusses that terrorism is nothing new. In fact, terrorism has many definitions and has been present in society for many hundreds of years. According to Ruben Ardila “Terrorists are usually young men – faceless people carefully programmed to destroy their enemy at all costs"…
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International Terrorism A Closer Look
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Download file to see previous pages The European Union has a plan in place to combat terrorism. The bombings in London and Madrid highlighted the European Union’s vulnerability. Their law enforcement agencies now work in a coordinated effort to identify probable terrorist activity. Cross-border prosecutions are now coordinated between member states. The European Union has brought together representatives of member state intelligence services to work on coordinating internal and external intelligence gathering and dissemination. This sharing of intelligence can be used as an effective tool in counter-terrorism.
Since 9-11 of 2001 terrorism has moved into the international spotlight. The majority of terrorist groups consist of Islamic extremists who, because of social and economic deprivation have grown to hate anything other than what they believe in. These terrorists are well funded (by Osama Bin Ladin for example) and well trained to provide a terroristic threat on a global scale. With attacks in the United States, Great Britain, and Spain the global reach of terrorism has been felt. Countering and containing terrorism is now a global concern that has been addressed by the United Nations Security Council. The Security Council has provided guidance that consists of a strategic plan to combat terrorism. Member States have been provided with a plan that was drafted to specifically address terrorism and provide a uniform approach to counter-terrorism. The United Nations does not view terrorism as a religious issue but as a public safety and security issue.

Left-wing terrorists focus on restoring socialism by attacking democratic reforms. Examples of this type of terrorism include the Red Army and the German Red Brigades. Lastly, right-wing terrorists are focused on destroying liberal democracies and attack vulnerable targets to kill as many people as possible to make their point. Timothy McVeigh (the Oklahoma City bomber) and the FBI standoff at Ruby Ridge are examples of this type of terrorist. This type of terrorist harbors a deep seated hatred for the U.S. Government and the actions of law enforcement and Federal agents. In fact, Timothy McVeigh reportedly planned the Oklahoma City Bombing as a response to the actions of Federal agents at David Koresh's Waco compound.
The terrorists that seem to be in the news the most are the religious terrorists that are fighting a jihad (holy war) against anyone who does not believe in what they believe in. Typically these terrorists are Islamic and follow Islamic law. These terrorists are considered Islamic extremists. One example of their extremism is their subjugation of women. They believe that women are property, don't require schooling, and should dress extremely conservative (Bhurkas). Many of the women in families following strict Islamic law are the victims of 'honor killings'. The report of any impropriety by a woman (even if its only a rumor) requires the family to kill the woman by stoning. Usually the killing is done by brothers, uncles or even the father of the victim.
The use of suicide bombers to terrorize a population is used widely in the Middle East and South West Asia. Bombers are drafted by the promises of martyrdom. They believe that if the attack the enemy and die in the process they will go to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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International Terrorism A Closer Look Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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