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International Terrorism - Essay Example

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This essay discusses that the controversy surrounding the definition of terrorism is that some acts, violent as they are, have been committed to further political and religious goals. The violence criterion is also a point of debate as most countries employ destructive weapons…
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International Terrorism
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Download file to see previous pages From this paper, it is clear that the first considered anarchist of his time was Pierre-Joseph Proudhon who went against the appropriateness of a central government calling for its abolition to be replaced by a system of autonomous groups and communities which was virtually governed by contract and mutual interest in place of laws. Mikhail Bakunin believed that only thru destruction can a society with a collective ownership of the means of production be created. The violent nature of anarchists saw its beginnings in Errico Malatesta’s theory that only thru the propaganda by deed can socialist principles are achieved. Thus began the murders of President Sadi Carnot of France (1894), Antonio Cánovas del Castillo, the prime minister of Spain (1897), Empress Elizabeth of Austria (1898), King Umberto of Italy (1900), President William McKinley of the United States (1901) and José Canalejas y Méndez, another Spanish prime minister (1912). August Spies wrote in 1886 that “A pound of dynamite is worth a bushel of bullets” and soon enough seven policemen were killed by a bomb thrown at them while dispersing a strike. France had its Restaurant Véry dynamited in 1892.
This paper makes a conclusion that as many writers would attest, their ideas only gain prominence thru publicity and the more they get exposed to the public, the more they will be discussed. And in addition, this presents a problem to the authorities especially now that information can be disseminated by just surfing the internet....
(Wikipedia, 2007)
The problem with the definitions by these scholars and the institutions as well is that who determines who the terrorist are. For the government, any act that uses force to pursue a goal can be called a 'defense' act and the violence associated with it can be much more massive than what a suicide bomber can do. If we consider the actions taken, for example, by the CIA to topple governments such as that of Fidel Castro's Cuba, we see that it was not considered as a terrorist act but a matter of pursuing national security. However, in the definitions that these people offer, these acts uses deliberate force and violence to achieve a political goal. The arguments surrounding the definition of what is a terrorist is best summed up by the popular saying, "One man's terrorist may be another man's freedom fighter."
2.0 Justifications of Terrorists
In the popular media, we are bombarded with pictures of men, women and even children tagged as terrorists. If we take a closer look, however, we notice that these people are actually ordinary people who we may have met in a public place. What concerns us now and to most people is to know what drives them to blow up themselves and take as many people's lives with them.
We have mentioned that one's man's terrorist may be another man's freedom fighter. In this context, we find that most people give up their lives and kill people in the process in the belief that they are doing so as a service to their cause. Some organizations tagged as terrorist groups take on a religious color blended with political goals. According to the United States Department of State, the most prominent of these are Muslim organizations such as Islamic Jihad ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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