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Securing the Land Borders and Coastal Waterways from International Terrorism - Research Paper Example

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The paper "Securing the Land Borders and Coastal Waterways from International Terrorism" highlights that each and every person entering any said country by sea must be screened at the waterway or harbor for purposes of screening and confirming their presence in the country, legally…
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Securing the Land Borders and Coastal Waterways from International Terrorism
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Extract of sample "Securing the Land Borders and Coastal Waterways from International Terrorism"

Terrorism has been a thorny issue in many countries all over the world. Many countries have tried to adopt as many, diverse technologies as possible to control and eventually curb the terrorism issue. The terrorists, who have made it their sole responsibility to frustrate such efforts, have upgraded their activities and practices (Young, 2006). They have mastered the art of penetrating the land borders without being caught by evading the proper border checkpoints. They have invaded the country’s coastal waterways, and they have used the forum to introduce weapons that aid their course. What is clear is that international terrorism is on the rise as many extremists continue to propagate their course. This may be economic, religious, political or even social (Schmid, 2008). The main strategy that will aid in reducing the chances of terrorism is by securing the land and all water borders. This paper will look at the benefits that accrue from securing land borders and coastal waterways against international terrorism (Young, 2006).

The act of terrorism is carefully articulated by a group of individuals who have targets, goals, and objectives. This means that they will go to exceptional heights and extremes to accomplish their motives (Schmid, 2008). The land, water, and sky, which represent the open space, are factors that work in favor of terrorist activities if they are not tightly secured. It is crucial for each country to ensure that they have secured their land borders and their coastal waterways. Many countries have been caught in security breaches that have cost the country lives, destruction of property and the general attempt on the country’s sovereignty (Schmid, 2008). Land borders are secured by screening every person that uses the border as a means to travel from one area to the next. This is accompanied by any supporting document approved by law to represent eligibility of entrance (Young, 2006).
The person trying to enter the country using either land or sea is the one who obtained the visa. This is by using biometric and digital photography techniques for purposes of comparison. The US and Norway are two random countries that have secured their land and coastal waterways. This is after acts of terrorism were meted in their countries. The terrorists had targets in both countries. In conclusion, it is evident that terrorism is an act that can be controlled and eventually done away with. This is both in developing and developed countries. This is by coming up with systems and methodologies that ensure that security at the most vulnerable areas in each and every country is secured. These areas include land borders and coastal waterways (Young, 2006). Read More
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