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Political Conflict between Iran and Israel - Research Proposal Example

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The paper “Political Conflict between Iran and Israel” will examine political and military leadership in Israel, which has continued to openly declare their efforts and attempt in attacking Iran through a military approach in the future…
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Political Conflict between Iran and Israel
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Extract of sample "Political Conflict between Iran and Israel"

Download file to see previous pages The Israeli government has presented considerable argument regarding Iran’s development of nuclear technology along with their funding and support for a number of terrorist organizations in the Middle East, and Israel’s response towards these circumstances may have been arousing opposition and suspicion among international governments, agencies, and military leaders (Perkowich, 2005). Their attack on Iran may yield devastating consequences on human life as well provoke political hostility and military violence as these war preparations have been considered as one of the largest threats to political stability and international peace. Moreover, Iran-Israel war can bring about adverse effects on the economic conditions of both countries as well as other affected nations. The nuclear program of Iraq has become one of the most important issues for the global community over the past years. Initially, in 1968, Iran signed the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty as they frequently claimed that their nuclear activities are intended for peaceful and productive outcomes. However, in 2003 to 2005, it was reported by an Iranian opposition group that the implementation of nuclear program violated the signed agreement; consequently, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) carried out several rigorous inspections, revealing that Iran has been involved in a number of implicit nuclear activities such as the enrichment of uranium and plutonium separation efforts over the past two decades. As Iran’s case was reported to the United Nations Council in 2006, it was formally demanded that the nuclear program drop its reprocessing and enrichment activities (Kemp, 2003). However, contrary to legal decisions, Iran did not suspend such processes. There has been an agreement in the global community, particularly among the United States, Russia, and Europe, that nuclear weapons should not be obtained by Iran. If this is to happen, other Middle East countries such as Syria, Saudi Arabia, or Egypt, may be encouraged to make use of nuclear weapons, hence further weakening an unstable region (Tarock, 1999). Policies in Iran, along with aggressive statements presented by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and other authorities in the country, have put forth the notion that nuclear weapons in Iran will pose considerable threats particularly to Israel. On the longer run, nuclear threats also await the United States, Russia, and Europe if Iran is to acquire long-range ballistic missiles and other nuclear weapons and resources. The current study, therefore, intends to examine the issue between Iran and Israel, particularly the impact of the former’s nuclear policies and program on the latter. It also aims to look into the consequences of Israel-Iran conflict on the economic performance of the Middle East and other affected nations. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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