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The Impossible Peace: Why has it been so difficult to achieve peace between Israel and the Palestinians - Essay Example

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This paper will discuss these factors at as well as identify who is to be blamed for war between Israel and Palestine, and then give a conclusion, recommendations, and possible solutions to the unresolved issues. …
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The Impossible Peace: Why has it been so difficult to achieve peace between Israel and the Palestinians
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"The Impossible Peace: Why has it been so difficult to achieve peace between Israel and the Palestinians"

Download file to see previous pages However, an Arabs majority who were displaced by the arriving Jewish population occupied the area selected to form Israel. A move that the Arab World did not welcome and this resulted in a war, and according to Tessler (1994, p.274) “…they continued to show great reluctance to accept the state of Israel.” The displaced residents of Israel moved to several areas with Palestine and the Gaza Strip being the main areas near Israel and the others fleeing to Syria and Egypt. The displaced individuals at once attained refugee status and their question of nationality has been the main cause of disagreement between Israel, Palestine, the Arab League and the rest of the international community. The emergence of Israel’s Security Network and its essential position can be clarified as the use of the toolkit of the new vital approach, and can be considered as the appearance of an abstract “military culture” as well as “militaristic politics” in Israel (Barak & Sheffer 2006, p.240). The Israel government encouraged Jews to continue migrating to Palestine while encouraging the Arabs to migrate to other areas in the Arab World and vicious fights erupted between these two groups with Israel’s continuous “Inadmissibility of acquisition of land through war” (Ashra?wi? 1996, p.10). The fighting between the Jewish immigrants and the residents increased with the Arabs being displaced to receive support from Egypt and Syria through terrorist activities such as when they bombed the King David Hotel in 1946. After independence of Israel in 1948, there has been deportation of several Palestinians from the area, and because of this, Palestinians have become refugees in different places in the Middle East...
The conflicts between Israel and Palestine are because of land that each group claims rightful ownership to it. The conflicts escalated further after several negotiations failed to bore positive results of bringing peace between the two states. This led to a blame game between the groups whereby each side blamed the other as being the source of their disputes; this is shown clearly in the Camp David treaties. Several accords were drafted out to bring peace in the two states but they all failed making it difficult to achieve peace between Israel and the Palestinians. The disintegration of the political practice considerably created consensual views in the Jews and Palestinian people concerning the blame for the collapse of the ultimate position of talks and the outbreak of aggression and fear. The public’s opinions differ on whom to blame for the outbreak of conflict between Palestine and Israel. For instance, the Palestinians are considered to be innocent victims whose activism arose to protect what was rightfully their own, this is a fact clearly stated in the Camp David Accord. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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