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The 2008 US Election - Assignment Example

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The essay “The 2008 US Election” is aimed at distinctively discussing the American election of the year 2008. The United States of America usually carry out elections after every 5 years. During the  process, there  are a series of campaign strategies…
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The 2008 US Election
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Download file to see previous pages The United States of America usually carry out elections after every 5 years. However, during the process, there are a series of campaign strategies that must be undertaken to convincingly elect the ideal candidate with leadership capabilities. There are two main political factions within the US, mainly the Republicans and Democrats (Newport, P. 250). Before each faction selects their flag bearer there are preliminary elections where each faction select their party flag bearer whom would battle it out with the other candidates from the contesting parties (Census Bureau, 2009, P. 201). In the 2008 elections, the Democrats had a number of aspirants who included Barrack Hussein Obama, Joe Bidden, and Hillary Clinton, the wife of the former US president Bill Clinton among others. On the other hand, the Republicans who were siding with the former president George Bush junior also carried out their preliminary nominations prior to the 2008 elections and selected Senator McCain as their flag bearer among Senator Palin just to mention (McKinney, 2010, P. 248). After the preliminaries, both the presidential candidates had to choose their running mates who were to the vice president’s should their faction win election respectively (Piano, 2009, P. 107). The Democrats chose Joe Bidden as the running mate of their presidential candidate, Obama while the Republicans chose Palin as their presidential running mate under the leadership of Senator McCain. Below is the picture of the preferred presidential running mates of Obama- Democrats- Joe Bidden and Sarah Palin of Republican’s, the Senator McCain's running mate (Census Bureau, 2009, P. 206). Fig. 1, Accessed from Nov 13th, 2011. Election On the election date, both the Democrats and Republicans prepared to their best with an aim of winning then the election. However, as poll results tickled the tallying centers it was evident that the Democrats were to carry the day with an overwhelming win over their counterparts’ republicans (Campbell, 2008, P. 39). When McCain, the Republican presidential candidate realized that all was not in accordance with his expectations as the presidential aspirant he decided to concede elections prior to the announcement of the overall presidential votes creating a conducive atmosphere for the celebration to the Democrats with their flag bearer President Barrack Hussein Obama a shoulder high (Newport, P. 252). During the celebration, Obama victory was celebrated by both the electorates and family members from both the US and Kenya where it is believed that Obama Senior who was a husband to Sarah Obama from Kogello village in Siaya district, Kenya where present. However, Kenyans too celebrated as they watched the incidents through telecast media. It was another history in the global politics being that a black American carried the day unlike the times of Martin Luther Kings’ both senior and Junior which was full of opposition and assassination. “I have a dream” by Martin Luther King junior in 1968 (McKinney, 2010, P. 251). Obama Health Scheme During the Obama campaign, the key issues which convinced the electorates were a proposal of a broad health scheme that would take care of all ages from children to the old (Panagopoulos, 2008, P. 09). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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