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The Blacks and the British-Americans in the United States of America - Essay Example

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The paper "The Blacks and the British-Americans in the United States of America" describes that the British Americans are people who migrated willingly into the USA and they initially settled on the island of Jamestown.The British were interested in acquiring land and other resources in the USA…
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The Blacks and the British-Americans in the United States of America
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Extract of sample "The Blacks and the British-Americans in the United States of America"

The Blacks and the British-Americans in the United States of America
The United States of America is a multi-racial nation comprising of six major races which include the whites, American Indian, Alaska native, Asians, African Americans or the blacks and the native Hawaiian. The black race of the United States of America also known as the African-Americans are all the descendants of the African people who were taken to America as slaves in the year 1619. These slaves had their own quarters and they were branded slaves for life. When the slaves were freed many of them settled in the southern area of Georgia while other slaves moved northern in to New York. Majority of the slaves lived in poverty. Racial discrimination was ripe and this meant that the blacks were not welcome in the white territories. The blacks were denied many privileges like accessing health care or even schools for their children. To solve this problem, the Africans reacted being independent through formation of their own schools, hospitals and starting their own businesses (Edmonds 122).
The British Americans the people who migrated willingly into the United States of American and they initially settled at the island of Jamestown. The British were interested in acquiring land and other resources in the United States of America. These people enjoyed various privileges like good hospitals, schools for their children and good houses. When the Americans gained their independence, many Britons were assimilated quickly in to the American culture as compared to the African slaves who were not considered as American Citizens whatsoever (Elaine 210).
The positive integration of the blacks in to the American Society is that they were able to interact with the American people and be able to integrate the important culture of the Americans and they were able to integrate the new technologies from the American people in their areas of work, hospitals and even schools (Edmonds 123). The Americans benefitted from the cheap and readily available source of labor from the African people. The British people were able to establish strong ties with the American people through their diplomatic skills. Business therefore flourished among the two races. There are many areas in the United States of America that are named after various places in Britain, for example New Hampshire named after Hampshire (Gunnarsdottir and Nora 153). The negative experience of the African-Americans is that they were discriminated against and were denied the basic rights like education, health care and even housing. They were never considered as American citizens therefore they did not take part in decision making. They lived in the southern part of the region with poor housing and limited access roads (Williams 12).
Edmonds points out that the success of an individual’s contribution to America and the ability to enjoy American opportunities does not entirely depend on the ethnic experience because racial discrimination has drastically reduced over the years in the USA. People have become aware of the need to live together in harmony and treat each other as brothers. This is clearly indicated in the 2008 US election where President Barrack Obama, an African-America was elected the president (124). Various people like Martin Luther King Jr. advocated for the equal treatment for the black people in the USA. The British people applied diplomacy and established ties the American people thus their migration to the United States of America was beneficial to them (Gunnarsdottir 154).
In conclusion, the elimination of racial segregation in a nation is very important in the contribution of peace and stability. The coming together of all races helps the people to integrate together and share the available resources equally thus achieving development. In the United States of America people have learnt to live together irrespective of their races and this has greatly helped the nation in development.
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