Analyze the Slave Petitions in light of the key changes taking place in this new American society - Essay Example

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By late 1770s, new American society had freedom and exemption from heavy taxes. Even after the attainment of America’s independence in the 1770s,…
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Analyze the Slave Petitions in light of the key changes taking place in this new American society
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“Slave Petitions” In Light Of the Key Changes in the New “American” Society The revolutionary war in America that was the foundation of independence had extensive implications on the culture and society. By late 1770s, new American society had freedom and exemption from heavy taxes. Even after the attainment of America’s independence in the 1770s, blacks have had to endure immeasurable pain resulting from molestation, abuse and racial discrimination. Although independence created a new society, blacks did not enjoy deserved recognition and appreciation compared to their white counterparts. The blacks still struggled and fought for recognition. They campaigned for equality and recognition of their rights and racial acceptance among other Americans, who still embraced unjust treatment through slavery. This compelled blacks in new American society to lobby for recognition through petitions that they submitted to congress and senate for redress despite the open hostility that they faced from their white counterparts.
Slave petitions were vital in the campaign for the rights of blacks, mostly slaves, in new American society. This is what later resulted to the 1963 match to Washington. During the match, Martin Luther delivered his renowned speech advocating for the rights of black slaves in new America. Besides King and his proponents’ efforts, there several other slave petitions were praiseworthy for the changes attained in new American society. They brought recognition for Black Americans, enhanced justice and appreciation. Before the petitions, the nation’s culture and societal set-up was one that could not withstand the face of revolutionary changes. As such, the culture, societal set-up and political landscape of the U.S. changed significantly and subsequently during the course of the journey. The America revolution began during the 18th century during when it attained its independence from the British. The declaration of independence rendered Americans including blacks free and independent (Williams 21). Essentially, slave petitions in the new American society sought to restore black Americans’ sovereign and the recognition of their rights (Main, Mark and John 226).
Slave petitions propagated for liberty and self-representative and were an awakening during the revolutionary war. Proponents of slave petitions opted to pursue the representative way. In 1774, blacks submitted the petition of "A Grate Number of Blackes". Through the petition, enslaved Americans advocated for freedom as a fortune of the revolution (Dorsey 152). It is during this time that the slaves also took advantage of the situation and took to the battlefields to fight behind the British battle lines. They took full advantage of the social constraints and uncertainties that befell their masters then. Slaves in Massachusetts submitted their petition to the house of representative demanding their rights in 1777 (Zinn and Anthony 57). Among of the first ever-drafted petitions of the slaves was during the 1779 petition to the General Assembly in Connecticut. It was a petition by slaves in Fairfield County, Connecticut, as a measure compelling the state assembly to denounce slavery (Mintz 80). The various slave petitions focused to attain freedom of blacks during the revolutionary war. They were a great cause of change in new American society and promoted recognition of blacks.
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