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Obama's Healthcare plan - Essay Example

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One of the challenges experienced in the US, is the poor health care plan that hampers lives of many people due to high unaffordable health care services. However, in view of the health care plan, the paper is aimed at comparing Jean Jacques Rousseau’s political view and the…
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Obamas Healthcare plan
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Extract of sample "Obama's Healthcare plan"

Download file to see previous pages s a puppet that is triggered to confuse low income earners so that they would vote convincingly with perceptions of better fruits thereafter (Rousseau 615).
In myriad situations, the people at the helm often take advantage of voters to introduce perceived laws, which are impractical in the real sense, just to affirm their comeback to power. After which they propose changes that would transfer the responsibility to the common man since they shall have achieved their goals of ascending to power (Rousseau 622).
According to the convincing information obtained from part of the book ‘Discourse of inequality part 1’, it is adept to agree with Rousseau that inequalities are inevitable within the society; for instance, not everyone would be able to put on shoe number 10. Clothing styles and shapes differ depending on personal posture depicted by each person intending to put clothes (Rousseau 617).
Likewise to the economic, social and political concerns; different individuals are perceived to be opposed to other people’s thoughts, which create imbalanced perception. A practical example is Rousseau’s example that dwelt on the relationship between a husband and wife in a home set up (Rousseau 631).
Men tend to have no businesses with their wives once their perceived passion is ascertained; women have the obligation to nurture the baby for nine months ‘pregnancy period’. After the delivery, a baby grows to a stage of self dependency regardless of the goodies obtained from parents affirming that different people depict peculiar traits, which in itself is a sign of inequality (Rousseau 632).
Politicians of the same perception often converge to put pressure so that their bills would be passed into laws. The political patronage and affiliation is one such example that portrays the inequality among different personalities within same areas of work group and social demeanor. Hence I explicitly support Rousseau’s that inequalities are not only inevitable but also ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Obama'S Healthcare Plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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