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In the paper “Understanding four pillars of sustainability” the author analyzes the prominence and importance of the pillars of sustainability. The article underscores the fact that the foundation and challenges of sustainability may be complex in nature, when we take a holistic approach…
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Understanding four pillars of sustainability
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Extract of sample "Understanding four pillars of sustainability"

Understanding four pillars of sustainability The concern of sustainability in art and design has been on the key trends in recent past. This has called to question the role of designers and artists in sustainability. The article "Sustainability" Has Become a Growing Focus of Artists (and Art Schools) Attention” by Daniel Grant in general addresses such concern and the new paradigms in integrating the four pillar of sustainability (environment, cultural, financial, social) to enhance better artistic practices. Likewise stresses the effort to institutionalized sustainability into an elective concentration in many schools which is a positive step.
Through critically analyzing the article, by acknowledging the prominence and importance of the pillars of sustainability reinforces the need for an integrated various approach to all of the themes in art which is increasingly dynamic. In this regard, the article underscores the fact that the foundational and challenges of sustainability in may be complex in nature, when we take a holistic approach and engaging all the pillars of sustainability these challenges becomes solvable. According to the article, art that focuses on sustainability issues lacks a given look, but reflects a series of ideologies about the significance of art as in the environment and society at large.
There are various strategies that are seen to be workable in positive sustainability reinforcement in art. However, institutionalizing issues of sustainability into an elective concentration in many colleges is a surest way to promote this positive trend. This according to the article prepares art students to creative practice engagement with ecological and social issues facing the contemporary world earning the skills and knowledge necessary to emerging art and design.
Daniel Grant. (2015). "Sustainability" Has Become a Growing Focus of Artists (and Art Schools) Attention” Read More
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