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The objective of the paper aims at analyzing some of the causes of failure to achieving sustainability of the projects and make a review on the suggestion that would be employed to curb this trend. Critical analysis of the cause of the failure should be emphasized. …
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Download file to see previous pages NERCORMP project was initiated with funding by IFAD (International Fund for Agricultural Development). It was initiated to ensure that it facilitates local communities in India on natural resources management. The project targeted vulnerable groups in the rural areas by sustainably restoring sanity in natural resource management through the restoration of forest reserves. To ensure sustainability, the project completion was extended from 2006 to 2008 two years to define its sustainability plans. Through the help of IFAD, the body had targeted the vulnerable communities across Asia and pacific division (Kenny, 2006). The success of the project is an important consideration for this project in the implementation of the proposed schedule of activities. Clear stakeholder analysis accompanied by community training on the importance of embracing the project has been of great importance. The ideological conclusion was to help vulnerable members of the community with an emphasis on women to establish themselves in ensuring that the community project was certainly reviewed to accommodate their needs. The needs of the organizational project were classified into three key groupings. These three groupings are the sustainability of income, process, and resources (Thapa, 2004). Through a review of most of the IFAD projects, it agreed that most of their projects fail in their sustainability plan. Sustainability arising as a major challenge for the organization, there is a need for internalizing and carrying out research on how the organization may boost the sustainability of these projects. This report will mainly discuss and analyze critically the strategic response to sustainability focusing strategic response to the issue and analyze the specific measures to address the issue related to the project carried out in Asia and the Pacific Division of IFAD. In addition, this report will focus on a clear framework for approaching sustainability, rationale on the importance of this framework, description of the specific tasks and strategies that would be used and the community development skills employed to approach the issue. Furthermore, it will examine the expected outcomes of the strategy used and how it might evaluate the range at which the success would be achieved (Fosfuri, et al., 2011). This report is compiled through the three-step process that entails the review of all considerations made pertaining to sustainability, discussions with the project implementation team and by embracing the theoretical understanding of the issue identified to influence sustainability. Time has been identified as a major hindrance towards achieving the specifications of the study. Such a short threshold in time was used appropriately by considering data through a vast number of information sources (Grant, et al., 1991). However, it is important to consider future research entails all the details and should focus on the entire project analysis rather than just concentrating on sustainability. However, the author of this report has tried to minimize any error that may arise to negligible levels to improve on clarity and accuracy of the data collected (Thapa, 2004). There are a vast of methodologies that have been applied in determining the relevant conclusions and recommendations.  There are three methods that have been applied in determining the measures and analysis of sustainability issues in the project. Initially, the documents available on the project were reviewed for information relevant and related to sustainability. Project documents are revisited to ensure and identify possible occurrences where sustainability has been an issue (Kenny, 2006). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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