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Authentic Army Installation Strategic Plan - Research Paper Example

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The paper “Authentic Army Installation Strategic Plan” gives an estimate of the sustainable Fort Bragg program. The project focuses on creating a strategic plan for an army organizational structure and this scheme will apply the vision-based or goal based strategic planning formula. …
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Authentic Army Installation Strategic Plan
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Extract of sample "Authentic Army Installation Strategic Plan"

Download file to see previous pages However, the military also has an authentic methodology they use in their strategic planning process, which will be integrated into the formula used in this strategic plan.  Although each organization's strategic planning model will vary, all versions of strategic plans inevitably include the same basic eight elements, which are: vision statement, mission statement, core values, critical issues, goals, strategies, objectives, and a method for measuring success.  Invariably, anyone in a management position will, at some point, be presented with the task of conceiving a strategic plan and one of the most important elements in planning is to segment the work into manageable increments to get the work done in stages to avoid overwhelming conditions. 
Strategic planning at the installation level, as well as the program and service levels, are critical management processes because programs that are well organized, incrementally developed, and effectively implemented (USAIMASR, n.d) reflect the competencies and abilities of the management team to successfully orchestrate and implement strategic planning models.  This is most critical at the installation level because focusing limited resources on the key business drivers and performance indicators for meeting the needs and interests of customers, stakeholders, and partners (USAIMASR, n.d) and ultimately the overall success of the agency is the most important goal and integral to the success of the organization.  The absence of a coordinated strategic action plan causes many installations to base their programs, operations, services, and facilities on unreasonable interpretations of objectives that are not pertinent to current data or base plans that align with their operating conditions (USAIMASR, n.d).  Unsuccessful plans are often based on a “one-shot, meet-the-regulatory-requirement effort” (USAIMASR, n.d, p.5) instead of strategies based on ongoing processes and are symptomatic of unproductive or poorly considered planning efforts, which often result in projects that are rejected by validation studies.  A projection for steadily increasing resources even though the supported population is changing (USAIMASR, n.d) is another indicator of inadequate strategic planning. 
Summarily, the basic purpose of strategic planning is to determine what an organization’s long or short-term goals are, how they plan on achieving those goals, and how they will know if they have been successful with specific emphasis is placed on the entire business (McNamara, n.d.).  This discourse will present an Authentic Army Installation Organizational Strategic Plan for the Fort Bragg, North Carolina Army facility. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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“Authentic Army Installation Strategic Plan Research Paper”, n.d.
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