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'All-inclusive resorts can never be reconciled with principles of sustainability - Essay Example

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The growth of tourism has led to more research activities with increased developmental programmes and training centres. Tourism research…
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All-inclusive resorts can never be reconciled with principles of sustainability
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Extract of sample "'All-inclusive resorts can never be reconciled with principles of sustainability"

Download file to see previous pages Despite all these, little has been done concerning tourism resorts as a tourism destination, more so the all- inclusive resorts. An important issue for discussion in tourism development has been the sustainability development. However, deeper understanding is given by addressing the concepts of demand and supply in relation to market conditions. The key issues associated with sustainable tourism are the achievement of social inclusion, effectual environmental protection, and reliable economic development. These are yet to be seen if achievable with the all-inclusive resorts.
Many have had to look for ways of encouraging and enhancing international diffusion, as well as knowledge exchange. This has to do with the volatile nature of tourism as a business; the reason for this dynamism is political instability and fluctuation of currency (Nagle, 1999). This paper also discusses the key issues facing the industry, the main challenge being globalisation. Tourism as a business entity responds to globalisation by creating alliances and collaborations. The public sector is mostly concerned to provide protection to small businesses that face the challenge of globalisation. It has to be acknowledged that the tourism industry has not been embracing the advantages of the knowledge economy, especially by utilising management practices and increasing competition through innovation and development of new products. A well networked tourism industry incorporates adequate knowledge of globalisation and economy. By so doing, the industry benefits from global trends.
Network developments can be used to see the weak points in the industry by examining destination and tourism. Anon (2011) identifies that “embeddedness within networks is identified as a key strategy for survival for contemporary tourism businesses” (p. 261).
The concept of tourism sustainability began in late 20th century when the tourism industry turned green (Swarbrooke, 1999). The aim was to have ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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'All-Inclusive Resorts Can Never Be Reconciled With Principles of Essay.
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