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Ultraviolet light - Lab Report Example

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Visibility of light differs from one entity to another and therefore living organisms have different capabilities in seeing various types of light. For some organisms such as insects, bumblebees for an…
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Ultraviolet light
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"Ultraviolet light"

Download file to see previous pages Additionally, UV-B is also harmful and is absorbed by the Ozone Layer on the Earth’s atmosphere. However, based on the effects of global warming, the penetration of the UV-B radiation through the ozone facilitates sunburn on human skin (Akram and Rubock, pp. 2-11).
The discovery of ultraviolet light owes to the scientific research by John Ritter of 1801 which showed that in the presence of ultraviolet light, blue photographic paper would turn black. Following the discovery of the ultraviolet light/radiation, scientists have used the concept of ultraviolet wavelengths to monitor the formation of stars in the galaxy. Since most stars emit light at the wavelength of UV-light, scientists can monitor activity in the universe and provide information on newly forming stars (Mission Science, para 1-7).
Practical application of UV-light is the study of the galaxy where scientists use Ultraviolet Imaging Telescope to investigate the differences between newly formed and older stars. Due to differing wavelengths, it is observed that the Ultraviolet Imaging Telescope results show that optical and ultraviolet wavelengths affect how bright a star shines (Gam Products Inc. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Ultraviolet light
...?Ultraviolet Light The purpose of this paper is to provide a brief discussion on the topic of ultraviolet light. The format that this paper will utilize is to first address some natural sources of UV light followed by a discussion of black light. After this point a discussion on the benefits and possible drawbacks of UV light. UV light is a source of electromagnetic radiation that is not part of the visible spectrum. Even though this light is not visible its effects can be felt by humans through the process of sunburns. The wavelength of UV light is ultimately shorter...
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...? Duration of Ultraviolet Exposure that Kills Bacteria Introduction The law of Arrhenius, which was earlier proposed to be describing temperature reliance of precise reaction speed in chemical reaction, seems not to be properly describing the effects of temperature on the growth of bacterial. This has lead to modification of the law by replacing the speed of reaction constant by the growth rate constant. The modification proved not to be ideal since the graph s obtained after plotting the logarithm growth rate constant against reciprocal absolute temperature results into curves instead of a straight line. It is good to note that the same relationship is applicable to the breakdown of nucleotide and the growth of yeasts and mould... ...
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Light experiment
...? Molecular and cellular basis of life Molecular and cellular basis of life: Scenedesmus Molecular and cellular life science simply focuses on understanding the molecular levels in the functioning of a cell. This encompasses physical, chemical and biological computation of scientific principles. Physical aspects deal with requirements such as light, moisture and temperature. The chemical aspect entails properties of pH levels, and mineral composition while biological involves the relation to other biological aspects such as animals and plants within the same habitat. Introduction This project involves the study of Scenedesmus growth conditions. Scenedesmus refers to genus of the colonial green algae, with cell...
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Measure and Light
...?The Gothic Cathedral, Otto von Simson, 1956, Chapter 2 , Measure and Light Introduction When someone enters a Gothic cathedral the things which immediately strike them are the vastness and symmetry of the solids materials and the ways in which these interact with the play of light , especially if the building is seen at different times of day and the shadows climb and fall, revealing and concealing as they travel. In the preface to this work von Simson describes the mediaeval period when Gothic cathedrals were sent soaring into the heavens as ‘an epoch of faith’ and the buildings as a physical expression of that faith. Chapter Two The chapter begins with a comparison with music. This can be enjoyed at...
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Light Microscopy
...Swarnambika S Academia Research Light Microscopy October 9, 2007 Light Microscopy Microscopes that use visible light as a source of illumination are called light microscopes. Today’s light microscopes are compound microscopes. They provide greater magnification and are much easier to use. Compound microscopes have two lenses, an objective lens and an ocular lens, both of which are corrected lenses (several individual lenses bonded together) that compensate for the aberrations inherent in ordinary lenses (James & Tanke, 1991). Uncorrected aberrations produce images that are surrounded by colored rings (chromatic aberration), and not all parts of the field of observation are simultaneously in focus (spherical aberration). Parts... of...
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SOCIAL MARKETING Report: The Ultraviolet Index
...New Zealand lies in the Southern hemisphere which heightens the dangers from the ultraviolet radiation (UVR) from the sun. In addition, the people ofthe country are fair skinned. Even though the region has temperate climate, the UV levels are high. All these factors are responsible for New Zealand having the highest rate of skin cancer (melanoma) in the world. New Zealand had so far been using Burn Time (BT) to communicate the danger from UVR. BT just indicates the time that would be taken for skin to burn if it exposed to direct sunlight. BT differed with different skin types and the burn time was different in each case. It was felt that something more efficient was needed for the benefit of the people. They wanted to...
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Ultraviolet Light
...Ultraviolet Light Ultraviolet (UV) light was first discovered in 1801 by, a German physicist, Johann W. Ritter. In the electromagnet field, this light lies between X rays and violet light. The wavelength ranges between 100 nanometers and 400 nanometers. UV light is naturally produced by the sun. Other sources include black lights, tanning booths, germicidal lamps, laser sources, fluorescent lamps and mercury vapor lamps. The UV light forms part of the invisible light in the electromagnet spectrum. However, some insects and birds are capable of perceiving this form of...
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UV Light
...Patterns in Nature Ultraviolet light commonly referred to as UV light is a form of an electromagnetic radiation apparently not visible to the human eye, having a shorter wavelength as compared to the light visible to humans. This light is comparatively stronger carrying more energy than normal light and can rupture the chemical bond in atoms or molecules eventually damaging the initial chemistry of the substance that has been exposed to it. A feature of UV light is that it causes fluorescence causing certain materials to radiate visible light. Sunlight also contains UV light and is a...
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Light Photography
...Light Photography Light Photography I learnt several things from the light photography assignment. First, when the source becomes narrower, the light becomes harder. A broad source of light lessens shadows, reducing contrast and suppressing texture whereas a narrow source of light does the opposite because with a broad light source, light rays hit the subject from more directions tending to fill in shadows and giving more illumination to the scene. Secondly, when you move a light closer, it becomes bigger in relation to the subject. When it is moved further away, it grows smaller and thus...
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...Lab Report: Effects of Light Color on Rate of Photosynthesis Effects of Light Color on the Rate of Photosynthesis Aim of experiment: The aim of the experiment was to measure the effect of light colors on the photosynthesis of various trials of leaflets using NaHCO3. Introduction Different light colors affect the rate of photosynthesis. The rate of photosynthesis is largely dependent on wavelength of light, since the different lights have different amount energy, which is used in light stage of photosynthesis. There is a significance difference between the rate of photosynthesis and the kind of light that...
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