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Colour Perception - Lab Report Example

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Color temperature as a concept refers to a characterization or measure of a light’s spectral properties/color (in Kelvin “K”). High color temperature light source usually implies colder( blue light) while low color temperature denotes warmer(more yellow/red)
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Colour Perception
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"Colour Perception"

Download file to see previous pages a. A He-Ne laser producing all of its light at 633 nm is a non thermal light source. This is because unlike thermal radiation sources that emit their radiation over a broad range of wavelengths (frequencies), He-Ne laser is a low energy that only produces its non thermal radiation in a narrow banc of 633 nm.
No, it is not possible to have an electromagnetic wave with a large radiance and zero irradiance. This is particularly because an illuminance can only include less energy per every unit area but not more than irradiance.
A black light (also known as a UV-A light) is a kind of lamp which only emits long wave ultraviolet light. Although ultraviolet light is not visible, black lights make objects glow by also emitting a violet light which allow people to see objects (Kitsinelis ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Understanding Colour
...? Psychological Aspects of Color Affiliation with more information about affiliation, research grants, conflict of interest and how to contact Psychological Aspects of Color Psychology can be perceived as the scientific study of human mind and its functions, affecting the behavior of an individual. Humans have different perceptions and viewpoints about a particular thing or situation and behave accordingly. The human mind is attracted to a number of things and hence perceive about that thing according to their state of mind. Color affects the human mind in different ways and also they inform people the traits of different things in the world. Colors play a very important role in the life of human beings. People recognize...
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.... The logical trait to follow is Consistency. Followers must perceive their leader to be reliable and trustworthy, and not tentative. They must find assurance in the fact that their leader is following a consistent frame of thought and course of action. More so, consistency establishes the perception that the leader knows his business and has done his homework. People’s trust in their leaders is further reinforced by the latter’s ability to admit mistakes. This gives credence to the leader, since the ability to admit mistakes provides a fair and just environment. Followers will find assurance that their leader will not “pass the buck:” at their expense. A leader must also have the ability to listen to his followers. ...
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..., cultures, and subcultures. In examining the colour red, one of the most overarching considerations is establishing an epistemological framework between cultures. Friedman & Miyake (2004) investigated the extent language shapes human perception. This study primarily revealed that cultures with more complex vocabularies for designating colour subsequently perceived colour in different ways. In terms of red, this is significant as it is difficult to speak of a singular ‘red’ throughout world culture, but rather a series of approximating notions of ‘redness’ that are at best pragmatically linked. This notion of redness has assumed symbolic recognition in global society. One of the most prominent such instances is the notion of red... ...
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...Myopia: Visual Perception Vision is basically a big factor in evaluating perception of things. This paper talks about myopiaor in layman’s term nearsightedness. There are different incidents which prove that the said defect could be dangerous. The topic personally chosen for the week is related to the condition referred to as myopia. It can be translated as nearsightedness in layman’s term. According to Goldstein (2010), myopia is the inability of an individual to perceive and see things clearly, especially objects that are far from the eyes. Myopia, an eyesight defect affecting millions of young adult Americans, according to Goldstein (2010), is a phenomenon wherein distant objects appear blurred on...
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Colour in cinema
...Multipli of meanings attached to the use of colour in cinema Introduction Colour is considereda visual perceptual property of humans which is derived from the spectrum of light as it interacts with the eye with the aid of sensitivities of the light receptor (Fairservice, 2001). Colour is known to have been with humans from the very beginning of ages. However, not the same can be said of the cinema industry, especially when it comes to motion pictures. This is because motion pictures had been in the system for long before the use of colour in cinema was discovered (Saemee & Buranakulpairoj, 2012). Since then, Shih-Fu and Sundaram (2008) argued that the use of...
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Colour therapy (chromotherapy)
...and pelvis area thereby regarded as a revitalizing color. It also helps improve one’s self-confidence though too much of it brings about restlessness. Color red is identified with the base of the spine chakra. It has the lowest wavelength so affects people’s emotions very fast. It is a source of happiness, love power and vitality (Sue & Simon, 104). In conclusion, the case of the 28-year-old divorced male can be solved using color therapy. The patient’s reasoning can be accelerated using the yellow color, which can give him peace of mind. In addition to this, if green vibrations are enacted on the patient, the spiritual and emotional illness that the person is suffering from could be restrained. Works Cited Kumar, Vijaya....
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