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Basic electric circuits and measurements - Lab Report Example

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In which case, this involves studying the hindrance of current occurring in a circuit. From this, the experiment is able to explain the relationship occurring between the…
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Basic electric circuits and measurements
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"Basic electric circuits and measurements"

Download file to see previous pages From this, a powerful equation used in the experiment is derived as follows:
Measurement for voltage and current for the resistor were obtained and recorded and a graph of V against I plotted to determine the value of R from the slope. In order to prove the validity of ohm’s equation, the experiment involved comparison of the experimentally and directly measured values for the resistor R. The following equation was used:
The experiment have illustrated succinctly that the relationship between the flow of current and the flow of charge in a material results to the resistance. In which case, the flow of electric current is responsible for the generation of heat owing to the collision of free electrons. This insinuates and supports the ohm’s law, which relates between the current and voltage. For the resistors, a graph plotted for V against I gave a straight line from the origin thereby supporting the law, which states “the amount of voltage flowing from one point to another end in a conductor is directly proportional to the current between the two points, while keeping the temperature constant”. Further, the difference between the value of R from slope of graph and that from direct ohmmeter reading was insignificant thereby proving the success of the experiment.
The electric resistance in material arises from the generation of heat as the result of collision of free electrons, when electric current flow (I). In which case, the heat generated opposes the flow of electrons (charges) ( V) through the material hence the resistance.
For the resistors, a graph plotted for V against I gave a straight line from the origin thereby supporting the law which states that “the amount of voltage flowing from one point to another end in a conductor is directly proportional to the current between the two pointsl, while keeping the temperature constant
The situation of non-linearity can be solved through restricting the amount of current at the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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