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Volumes - Lab Report Example

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The volumes of objects with regular shapes were measured together with graph linearization in order to define the clay’s density. The physics quantities that were measured include…
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Download file to see previous pages Additionally, the data on the height and the diameter of the bullet shaped object was collected and tabulated. In the second experiment, the data on the sphere’s mass was collected as mass 1 to mass 5. The fourth experimental that was needed in the experiment was the diameter for the five spheres which were taken as diameter 1 to diameter 6
We took the density of the clay as Mass per Unit of Volume. The formula that was used in calculating this was with an SI unit of . In the experiment, the propagation of errors was calculated from the approach of partial derivatives. The formula for this was
The standard errors for the experiment were demonstrated by . The standard error was obtained through the computation of standard deviation from the various measurement. We later calculated the standard deviation with the help of a graphical analysis program. The standard deviation was denoted as
N is taken to mean the measurement’s number of x. x and y are taken to represent their mean values. The uncertainties in the end outcome were reported with one significant number. It was assumed that the final average value is equated to the number of decimal points found in the uncertainty.
The equipment that were used in the experiment include; a plastic bag, hollow cylinder, bullet shaped object, Vernier’s calipers, balance, and a set of masses. In the first experiment we determined the volumes and the standard error for the hollow cylinder, bullet shaped object, and the triangle prism (Price, 889). The following equation was used to calculate the volume of the hollow cylinder
The Vernier calipers was used to measure the pertinent dimension of the object. The dimension of the Vernier was 0.05mm. The five measurement of the provided object was measured. After taking the five measurement, the mean values for the dimensions were also determined. The standard deviations for the dimensions for the hollow cylinders was then determined. The ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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