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Moving Charge Creates a Magnetic Field - Lab Report Example

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Around every wire carrying current there is a magnetic field. If the direction of the current is known then the right hand screw rule can be used to…
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Moving Charge Creates a Magnetic Field
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"Moving Charge Creates a Magnetic Field"

Download file to see previous pages A wire carrying current experiences a force in a magnetic field. The force experienced increases if the magnitude of the current and the strength of the magnet are increased. The direction of the force or thrust can be predicted using the motor rule (Fleming’s left-hand rule).
The rate of change of magnetic flux is zero at the midpoint 1 and 3 because the magnetic flux at those points is at a minimum and maximum respectively. The magnetic flux in the regions 2 and 4 is zero at the points and the physical difference between the two values is that one represent a decreasing magnetic flux while the other represents an increasing field.
For the test coil at the center of symmetry of the coil the angular frequency of the signal was determined to be 377 rad/s, the area A of the coil was evaluated to be the peak to peak voltage was determined to be equal to 400mV from which the Maximum EMF was 200mV. Using relevant equations provided in the manual, the magnetic field was established to be 0.992 Tesla.
The maximum magnetic intensity for a TEST COIL is not the same for a large coil because the magnetic field from both coils interact with each other making their actual valued slightly different. The results for electromagnetic induction test on different coils is represented in the table ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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