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The Exploitation of Nuclear Energy and Energy Conservation Theory - Research Paper Example

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This paper argues against the exploitation of nuclear energy. Energy is one of the most precious commodities in this world. According to the scientific principle or energy conservation theory, the total energy available in the universe is constant. Energy can neither be created nor be destroyed…
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The Exploitation of Nuclear Energy and Energy Conservation Theory
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Extract of sample "The Exploitation of Nuclear Energy and Energy Conservation Theory"

Download file to see previous pages The ability of nuclear waste, generated from nuclear power plants to survive for thousands of years and to liberate harmful radiations is the number one problem. At the same time, advocates of nuclear energy argue that the number of wastes or greenhouse gases produced from nuclear power plants is less compared to the wastes produced by other energy sources. It should be noted that oil and coal energy are producing many types of greenhouse gases and thereby causing environmental problems and global warming. “The only realistic chance of slowing global warming is to drastically reduce carbon emissions” (Dickson, 2007). According to George Monbiot (2011), coal is 100 times worse than nuclear power. People like Monbiot believes that nuclear energy will help the world to counter the global warming and climate change problems (Green peace: factsheet, 2010) since it does not liberate greenhouse gases as the other energy sources do. At the same time, it should not be forgotten that even a small amount of radiating nuclear waste can cause larger problems than the ones created by other energy sources. Storing and disposal of nuclear wastes are big problems at present and many countries are currently disposing of these wastes in oceans. “The UK now has enough radioactive waste to fill the Royal Albert Hall five times over. There’s still no safe way to deal with it. The government plans to bury it deep underground - out of sight, out of mind, for now at least” (Green peace: factsheet, 2010). At the same time, even the scientists are sure about the safety of disposing nuclear wastes into the sea or in the deep underground. Under such circumstances, it is better to avoid nuclear energy and search for other energy sources.
Nuclear energy can be used and misused for constructive as well as destructive purposes. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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