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The Production of Sound Frameworks and Systems for the Development Sources of Energy - Research Paper Example

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The paper describes the remaining reserves of oil around the world, according to some sources, that will be exploited in a way that will reach a uniform peak before the world begins to experience a steady decline in the production. All indicators show that the world will face an acute shortage of oil…
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The Production of Sound Frameworks and Systems for the Development Sources of Energy
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Extract of sample "The Production of Sound Frameworks and Systems for the Development Sources of Energy"

Download file to see previous pages Experts have observed that the prices of oil will continue to escalate in a way that will adversely hamper the economies of poor countries. Rich countries will push poor countries from the market by hedging the prices of the commodity to levels that cannot be sustained by the latter. The increase in the price of oil from 20 dollars per barrel to 140 dollars per barrel between the years 1999 and 2008 is sufficient proof of the amount of the unsteady oscillation of the prices due to the unpredictable nature of supply against a sharp increase in consumption of the resource. Bidding of oil, according to energy experts will be limited to the rich countries. The economic balance in the world, according to some analysts will shift from the consumer countries to the producer countries. The imbalances between production and consumption of oil will create changes in the balance of power in the geopolitical sphere in ways that will illustrate the patterns of economic global supremacy. Although the exact impact of the unsteady oil prices on the world economy has not been detected, there are fears that some of the issues that connect with the increase in prices will inevitably lead to sharp increases in poverty levels due to a rise in the cost of living and inflationary pressures. Major oil companies and governments around the globe have collaborated for increasing the exploratory activities in parts of Sub-Saharan Africa. Countries in the East African regions such as Kenya and Uganda have offered some promising results in the initial phases of prospecting for the oil reserves. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(The Production of Sound Frameworks and Systems for the Development Research Paper)
The Production of Sound Frameworks and Systems for the Development Research Paper.
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