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The Belinda Energy Project: Ethical and Environmental Considerations - Assignment Example

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The objective of this report is to consider the bids received and accepted by the company for the energy project at Belinda in Africa. While the bids are all accepted and equally valid as per the terms of our company, Karlsson, and it is of utmost importance to consider the costs involved and analyze all the bids so as to maximize profitability…
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The Belinda Energy Project: Ethical and Environmental Considerations
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Download file to see previous pages It is also essential to conserve the earth’s biodiversity and sustain the scarce resources at any cost. Research bears out the fact that energy projects need to replace commonly used fuels with renewable energy sources. This report examines the basic idea that it is time to adopt renewable energy sources for energy projects like the one at Belinda, not only because of the need for sustaining the world as we know it but also because our company is a corporate body with high brand value and this brand salience must be safeguarded through appropriate corporate social responsibility. Corporate social responsibility means adopting the right sources for energy; it necessarily includes the highest ethical standards to be adopted by the company in its policies, goals, and activities as well as protecting the earth’s ecological system through effective measures. Accordingly, this report first tries to understand the ethical and environmental issues related to establishing large private energy projects like the one at Belinda. Next, it seeks to explain why ethical and environmental concerns need to override all other considerations of the company, including the cost and profitability factors of the project. The bids are objectively evaluated and arguments provided for adopting only renewable energy sources in the Belinda project. The report also tries to assess the appropriateness of a renewable energy project at Belinda in relation to the location, climate, demographics and other factors that characterize Belinda.
Sustainable development as a global goal has been brought into focus from 1987 onwards when the World Commission on Environment and Development defined sustainable development as one that would be Able to meet the needs or desires of the present generation of humans without in any way compromising on the abilities of future generations to satisfy their needs (Brundland, 1987). In relation to the energy sector, the concept of sustainable development can be taken to mean the promotion of easily available, accessible and cost-efficient electricity which can benefit the economy, society and the environment. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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