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Star Wars - Essay Example

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The films also depict events related to ghosts and mystical powers. This paper will attempt to explore Star Wars as science fiction, but it does not only rely on a scientific viewpoint, but also a…
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Star Wars
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Extract of sample "Star Wars"

Download file to see previous pages While it is no doubt Star Wars deals with advanced technology many of which have not yet been established, Star Wars also talk about the existence of Force which is actually a mystical energy field that provides magical energy to Jedi. Considering both scientific elements and mystical power shown in Star Wars, can the films be seen in the genre of both sci-fi and fantasy.
Today, science fiction has become a kind of reflection of “mythology of our times” (Sutton & Sutton, 1969, p.230). Myth has been described by Fontenelle as science that has been conceived in the primitive era by observing the causes of events. In the 19th century, Andrew Lang has explained that myth is human being’s effort of understanding the mysteries of the world through the lens of science. It is now no longer possible to assume myth as prescience. According to Levi-Strauss theory, myth and science are two parallel modes of explaining the universe. They are mutually exclusive and two different ways of explaining the same thing. In earlier days, myth was used by man to understand his own origins while science is used as a tool to study destiny (Sutton & Sutton, 1969, p.231). Today science fiction is accepted as mythical exploration of scientific technology, and therefore Levi-Strauss’s theory does not hold good regarding the two concepts as parallel autonomy. There is now a clear intersection of the mythopoeic and scientific modes.
According to Thoman C. Sutton and Marilyn Sutton (1969, p.231) “myth and science reflect man’s irrepressible curiosity about his origins and his destiny, they each can be seen as a particular human means of structuring the universe”. The authors consider science fiction as scientific myth more than religious myth in which man holds the major power. Star Wars is a classic story that talks about man turning evil and his son attempting to amend him. Basically it is a story about good and evil and set in another galaxy in another ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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