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Projectile - Lab Report Example

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Projectile motion refers to a form of motion in which a body referred to as a projectile is catapulted obliquely near the surface of the earth. Using equations of motion, this motion can then be analyzed to find the distance, time and the speed the object moves with…
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Download file to see previous pages . The ball was then pushed into the back making sure it does not move forward. A test shot was then made to determine where the ball lands after which a carbon paper was placed on the white sheet. The ball was then fired 6 different times and the distance travelled by the ball from where the ball leaves the launcher recorded.The position of the launcher was made in such a way that the launcher launches the ball at 200 the steps in part A were then repeated and data recorded in table 2
If the velocity is increased, the time taken for the ball to reach the ground will be more than the calculated speed. Considering the velocity equation, it’s clear that velocity is directly proportional to time thus an increase in velocity consequently increases the time.
Trajectory labeled C has the longest hang time. This is because the distance travelled by the projectile is longer as compared to the other two i.e. A & B since distance travelled is directly proportional to hang time
The experiment was successful since from the measured distance, it was possible to calculate the both the time and the velocity of the projectile ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The purpose of this project is to better understand the effectiveness of the sling in hunting and combat
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... Projectile Motion This refers to the motion under the effect of gravity. This experiment is going to investigate four aspects of projectile motion. Objectives of the experiment 1. To show that horizontal and vertical components of motion can be treated separately 2. To show that the horizontal motion takes place at constant velocity 3. To show that the range is the same for complimentary angles 4. To show that the trajectory is a parabola Discussion of the four aspects of the experiment The first part was the experiment following the procedure in part 3.1 was meant to verify that the ball launched at different speeds hit the ground at the same time interval after being shot while the range will depend on the initial velocity... that is...
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...Physics lab report Purpose The aim of this experiment is to compare experimental results for projectile motion in two dimensions, using a meter stick and a spring-loaded gun, with theoretical calculations. Introduction Projectile motion is the motion experienced by an object in two dimensions due to its attraction of the earth, air friction ignored. It is the superposition of two independent motions in x- and y-directions. The motion in the x-direction is uniform meaning that there is no acceleration since the velocity is constant (Serway, Vuille & Faughn, 65). ax = 0. vx= v0x x = vxt. The motion in the y-direction is a free fall. ay = - g vy = – gt Dy = - ½ g t2 Since the velocity = 0 ( voy =...
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... A projectile is any object that is cast, heaved, hurled and pitched or thrown from space or from the atmosphere. The path of a projectile is called its trajectory. An example of a projectile can be a moving airplane in the air with its engines and wings disabled. The force acting on the projectile is known as gravity the effects of other forces are minimal. Projectile usually has an initial non-zero horizontal velocity whose acceleration is due to gravity alone. An object can also ceased to a projectile once any real effect is made to change its trajectory Total time for which the projectile remains in the air is called Time of flight. After the fight, Projectile returns to horizontal axis, so y=0 The assumption here is that air... is...
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Chemical Engineering, physics
...such as biotechnology, food and beverages, mining, pharmaceuticals, tire and rubber, and many more. Chemical engineers are an integral part of advanced space programs in NASA. Thus, chemical engineering is the most versatile branch of engineering that finds its presence in almost every field. Kinematics with Constant Acceleration and Projectile Motion Newtons laws clearly explain the changes in the state of motion of objects at rest or moving in single dimension. Kinematic principles can also explain the motion of objects in two dimensions such as projectiles. Gravity is the only force that applies on a projectile while set in motion assuming air...
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...Maximum height of a projectile motion The essence of this experiment was to investigate for the maximum height that can be reached by a projectile motion. From the motion of the two balls projected horizontally, the balls are projected at the same initial velocity and same angle of elevation. The data was tabulated, and graphs were drawn and analyzed to find the dependence of maximum height reached by a body in projectile on initial velocity and angle of elevation. Introduction and background According to the fundamental laws of physics, when a body if projected into the air, its trajectory motion in determined by the Earths pulls of gravity. Since the gravitational pull acts downwards...
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