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Equations of Motion - Essay Example

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Rotational Motion: rolling Objects Physics 221L Number of Experiment Date Performed Name Partner’s Name Purpose of the experiment. The prime purpose of this experiment was to utilize the cumulative knowledge of physics in performing an experiment without any help from the computer, to measure time and calculate the velocity of a rolling object, and to predict the velocity of a rolling object…
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Equations of Motion
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"Equations of Motion"

Download file to see previous pages In absence of sliding the motion of rolling is normally called pure rolling (Walker, 2010). This means that for a rolling object the mass centre moves by the translational motion, where as the other parts of the object, rotate around the centre mass. In practical experiments, the small deformations on the area of contact results into sliding. The resistance in rolling is lower than the friction due to sliding, hence rolling objects need minimal energy to be shifted than the sliding objects. In this respect, such objects move in an easier manner, whenever they go through some force due to a component along the surface (Adams, 2008). For example the existence of gravity on a surface that is tilted. Different from symmetrical objects, a cone’s rolling motion, happens in a manner such that during rolling, on a surface that is flat, the centre of gravity goes through a circular motion instead of a linear motion. The objects that roll may not only be axially symmetrical. The principle of rolling objects has been applied in the bearings of rolling elements like ball bearings in devices that are rotating. These objects are normally made of smooth metal substances, and the elements that roll encased in between the two rotating rings. In many processes, the ring in the inner part is normally linked to the stationery shaft. In this respect, as the inner ring remains stationery the outer ring remains free to allow movements having very minimal friction. This principle has been applied in motors. In many cases, the quantity of friction is depended on the parts mechanisms, ball bearings quality, and the amount of lubricants within the mechanism (Adams. 2008). Additionally, rolling objects are mostly used as transportation tools. One key way is through keeping the object on a number of rollers that are lined-up. The wheel objects are normally moved along a straight line, especially when the wheels are replaced continuously to the front.. For a rolling object, the particle velocity is normally given by; Velocity = r x w.................... ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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