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This paper is a lab report. The graph of acceleration against time has there same shape as the graph of Force against time. This is because mass is constant and therefore the two graphs differ by a factor equivalent by the mass of the body investigated. …
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Lab Report
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Lab report Question and 2 on page Question 2 Assuming friction is negligible But according to Newtons second law
Question 3 Pg. 3
For an elevator accelerating upwards
F= m(g+a)
at 1 sec, the acceleration is given as = = 4 m/s2
F= m( g+a)
=60Kg*(9.8 + 4)m/s2 = 828 N
b) F= m( g+a)
but at 4s, a=0 therefore
= 60 *9.8
= 588N
Therefore, 60Kg*10 m/s2 = M * 4 m/s2
M= 150 Kg
c) F= m( g+a)
at 8 sec, the acceleration is given as = = -2 m/s2
F= m( g+a)
= 60Kg(9.8-2) m/s2
= 468N
Question 8 in page 6
The graph of acceleration against time has thre same shape as the graph of Force against time. This is because mass is constant and therefore the two graphs differ by a factor equivalent by the mass of the body investigated
Question 10 page 7
The graph is not linear because mass of the body used must always be constant wheas the force always changeds because of variation of gravitational acceleration with position, time and the conditions in which the expriment is conducted.
A short conclusion based on table 1 on page 8
According to the results in Table 1, the higher the acceleration of the elevator the higher the normal reaction registered. For example, a normal reaction of 704N corresponds to aa acceleration of 1.2m/s^2 whereas a normal reaction of 616 corresponds to a -0.128m/s^2 acceleration. For zero acceleration, the normal reaction remains constant as shown on the table 1.
Conclusion 1 and 2 page 16
Newtons laws find many applications in the life experiences for example, rocket and jet propulsion in which the third law is widely applied, garden sprinklers, firing guns, dynamic lift and balances of forces in helicopter among many applications.
The major limitations of Newtons laws in motion is that they cannot be applied in objects travelling at the speed of light. Additionally newtons laws fail when they are applied to very small objects such as atomic and subatomic particles in which they fail in the concepts of quantum mechanics (
The free body diagrams enable one to set the problem properly and solve for the unknown forces that act on a body in real life situations. ( diagrams learnt in this Lab are useful in understanding what is likely to happen to a body before applying the equations of motion. The distance time graphs are very useful in approximating various quantities such as the possible time one can take to travel from one place to another, the critical velocities and acceleration necessary to avoid accidents and crashes. Additionally, one is able to understand the conditions feelt when one uses an elevator system and the manufacturers of the elevators apply the knowledge while making and installing elevators. Read More
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