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Project: Cosmology In The News - Essay Example

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Cosmology in the News This paper analyzes the article, “Starburst Galaxy Could Illuminate Early Universe” by Andrew Fazekas taking the perspective of an editor’s perspective with an aim of determining if the article is well written and appropriate for the audience…
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Project: Cosmology In The News
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"Project: Cosmology In The News"

Download file to see previous pages The article states that the new galaxy known, as HFLS3 is the farthest starburst galaxy known. The astronomers used the Herschel space telescope to spy the galaxy forming and pumping out new stars more than a billion years earlier than expected. The astronomers found the HFLS3 to be the most intensely star-forming element since it churns out matter with the mass equivalent of 2,900 suns annually, which is more than 2,000 times than the Milky Way produces (Fazekas 1). The article claims that the HFLS3 is unusually bright with a radiating in infrared wavelengths that shine with a power of about 30 trillion suns (Fazekas 1). The galaxy has a rich and diverse chemical composition that reflects today’s starburst galaxies. The article states that the galaxy has been there for a long time to cause the shortest-lived stars to explode and pollute their environments. Initially, starburst galaxies seemingly formed much later than HFLS3. The article concludes that the findings explain why we see the oldest known stars in elliptical galaxies (Fazekas 1). Paragraph #2: This article is for amateur astronomers, students, professional scientists, professional astronomers, and learned people. This is because astronomical study is a continued study that scientists engage in to derive enough knowledge to explain past, current, and future for scientific discover ties and events. Indeed, only the named persons have interest and can understand the terminologies, findings, and the literature used in this article. Paragraph #3: This article was worthy of being published because it derives additional knowledge on astronomy especially regarding the knowledge on galaxies. The article quoted previous astronomical information, which gives us a background on astronomy that forms a basis to explain the significance of the current astronomical findings (Fazekas 1). The article correlates with other relevant literatures (Varma 1). The article equally explains all the details of the new HFLS3 galaxy. The article was similarly significant in that it detailed the new development in astronomy and the effects the development will cause to the universe. Moreover, the information contained in the article is relevant and reliable to astronomical study that is the basis of this paper (“Swinburne University of Technology” 1). Paragraph #4: I found this interesting because I initially thought such discoveries and explanations were impossible. Indeed, apart from just seeing the stars, I never had an idea of what forms them, the process of forming them, and the specific details relating to them. Moreover, I find it interesting that the astronomers and the article were able to justify the claim that starburst galaxy could illuminate early universe. The past literature and finer details of stars and galaxies amazed me. Furthermore, the article is on relevant website that talks about nature and thus the article derives authority, which is very interesting. Paragraph #5: I needed to look up in the text why the article claims that starburst galaxy could illuminate early universe. Most assuredly, I found the explanation in paragraphs two and four of the “Galactic Embryo” section in this article. Indeed, reading the two paragraphs together helps me to get the explanation of the title of this article. Paragraph #6: I still do not understand why the astronomers did not expect the starburst galaxy not to form new stars before more than a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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