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The Theory of Intelligent Design (ID) - Research Paper Example

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The paper “The Theory of Intelligent Design (ID)” looks at intelligent design, which refers to a scientific research program that tries to explore the evidence of design in nature. It postulates that all life forms possess various unique features, which link them to the work of an intelligent cause…
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The Theory of Intelligent Design (ID)
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Extract of sample "The Theory of Intelligent Design (ID)"

Download file to see previous pages Scientists seek to find objects which have the same types of informational properties portraying the work of one creator, the intelligent designer. Intelligent design relies on these scientific methods to detect design in irreducibly complex biological structures by examining the complex and specified information contained in DNA. The theory of Intelligent Design argues that life and everything of nature in the universe was designed by an anonymous intelligent mind (House 17). However, proponents of this theory have been unable to disclose or prove the existence of the purported intelligent mind, leaving the burden of proof to scientists and theologians. According to House (17), evidence that the proponents of ID theory display is derived from their understanding of cosmology and Molecular Biology. As part of the argument, ID theorists used kidney as an example by claiming that the organ was intelligently designed to perform its functions and that it exhibits irreducible complexity. The proponents of the theory further direct their arguments to the bacterium flagellum, which they purport to have been intelligently designed to an extent that any detachment can lead to entire mechanical failure. House (58) demonstrates that the oddly shaped stone discovered by archeologists was an intelligent design that should have been used as a tool for digging. In order to strengthen the ID theory, Behe, a proponent of the theory employed the use of a mousetrap as an example of irreducible complexity, which he proved dysfunctional when any part would be removed. Furthermore, Rael (6) a news editor then a messenger provides a much stable debating ground for the proponents of the ID theory. According to Rael (6), there are some supernatural unique beings believed to have created life on earth. However, every step of creation was a correlative product of science and religion. Rael (7) points out that the creators of the world were capable of communicating to the human beings through telepathy. The designers of life on the earth were scientists who emanated from a far planet with a keen interested in creating a cloned human being (Rael 11). It is claimed that the government of the imagined planet disliked the idea of cloned human beings for fear that the creatures might exhibit superior mental capacities and powers, which can cause troubles to the pre-existing beings (Rael 15). This compelled the scientist to conduct reconnaissance on the earth to establish its viability for human cloning. Rael (11) confirms that at the time of reconnaissance the earth was completely covered with water and dense mist. When on the earth’s atmosphere, the designers investigated the sun’s cosmic rays and realized that they were harmless to life. The scientists then trenched soil from the seabed and pilled to form a dry land. Thereafter, plants and vegetables were created from chemicals and designed to survive particular climatic conditions of different regions (Rael 13). The scientists worked for hand in hand with artists who decorated every creature with various colors. According to Rael (13), the initial creation of fish was in the form of plankton then small fish and finally large fish. Rael (14) exemplifies that the process of creation involved stiff competition from different creation groups, an act that led to the formation of frightful animals and monsters.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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