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Artificial intelligence in multimedia production Name: Instructor: Course: Data: Introduction Artificial intelligence an approach used to design intelligent agents. Intelligent agents are systems that are able to perceive their environments and use the perception results to maximize on its chances of success…
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Artificial Intelligence in Art project (multimedia installation)
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Download file to see previous pages Artificial intelligence is fused with multimedia to make the subjects more “human.” The processes are aimed at making human beings feel comfortable in the company of the creations. The creations create the feeling of cloning human companionship. The articulation of the two, is aimed at stimulating those human actions, e.g. feeling, touching and seeing, that seem complex to replicate. The whole topic of artificial intelligence in multimedia production cannot be described by one project or system. Artificial intelligence is a wide and broad area. To explore all corners of artificial intelligence, the report is mainly focused on the system and projects that expound on artificial intelligence based on multimedia. Several case studies on art project that incorporated artificial intelligence are described below. Case studies Thomas Ray, Tierra (1998) The Tierra is software created to represent natural evolution in the medium that is natural. The software uses artificial intelligence to create a virtual computer that runs on an evolving operating system. The software uses an evolving operating system called Darwinian operating system (Ackley & Littman, 1990). The Darwinian operating system has its architecture based on executable machine codes. The machine codes evolve with each execution. The machine codes can be either be mutated or recombined. Despite the changes in the codes, the resulting codes remain functional. The functionality of the codes is durable. The code evolves through the process of natural selection. The code improves itself with each change in the natural selection. The Darwinian operating system manages the memory that the software uses. Time is shared accordingly among the services that run along with the program. The operating system also controls the factors that tend to affect and distort the course of evolution. The factors include disturbances on the cycles, the mutation rates, and allocation of processor time to each creature that is within the covered ecosystem (Ackley & Littman, 1990). The operating system also records birth and deaths, a sequential code that covers all the creatures, and a gene bank where successful genomes are stored. The program uses artificial intelligence to automate ecological analysis. All types of interactions that take place among the creatures in the simulated ecology are recorded. The system produces synthetic organisms. The synthetic organisms are based on a metaphor of the computer. The CPU time is used as the energy in the ecosystem. The memory is used as the material in each organism within the ecosystem. Mutation is responsible for creating new forms into the ecosystem, a process represented by the evolving machine codes. Evolution precedes the ecosystems natural selection. Natural selection is represented by the competition of the different genotypes for energy (CPU time) and material (memory space) (Ackley & Littman, 1990). The system combines both artificial intelligence and multimedia using digital communities to diversify the ecosystem. The digital communities are used to represent coexistence and competitive exclusion, regulation of the population through parasite/host density, punctuated equilibrium, and enhancement of the community diversity through parasitic effect. The software represents a natural evolution in the digital medium. Kenneth Rinaldo, Autopoeisis (2000) Autopoiesis is an installation of robotic ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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