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HOW DOES NEW TECHNOLOGY HELP THE ARTS? by Code+ University name Date How Does Technology Help the Arts? A.INTRODUCTION In the popular mind of the past, technology was associated with poor reputation when one spoke of creativity…
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How does new technology help the Arts
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Download file to see previous pages As a result, interactions between artists and technologists determined the impact of the computer (digital) technology on creative process. Today many artists and digital media specialists agree that technology helps the arts. They point out at the context of the digital society we now live in and how it influences the ways the art gets created, marketed, produced, supported, preserved, distributed, as well as transformed. This paper explores how new technology and digital media help the arts. Objectives The objectives of this research paper were as follows: Provide an overview of contemporary knowledge on the topic of the impact of technology on the arts and on the topic of how technology helps the arts. Determine how new technologies affect the arts in a positive way The paper was intended to provide response to the following question: What positive impacts and what opportunities has technology created/ is creating for the arts, artists, the public, etc? Approach and Methodology It was determined to focus the paper on modern, in particular digital technologies and shape the scope of the research with emphasis on the arts. It was reinforced that the paper should provide information with reference to various arts, various art disciplines, and various art practices if possible. Also, it was reinforced that the research should concentrate on how technology influences creation, production and different ways in which artworks reach the general public. Throughout the research, the author reviewed English-language material and researched publicly-released data from UK and international sources; synthesized information. B. ARTS AND TECHNOLOGIES: LOGICS OF HYBRIDIZATION The hybridization of technology and the arts, as it has been assumed in modern studies, began in the 15th century with the invention of printing and distribution. Connection of the literary tradition with distributive power of the printing technology changed the whole European civilization. The value of cultural hybridization as the fundamental logic of cultural change has been convincingly demonstrated in the research by Marshall McLuhan (McLuhan, 1962; McLuhan, 2001). In particular, using an example of the distribution of the press, McLuhan demonstrates the decisive role of this technology in the cultural dynamics of the period between the 15t and 19th centuries. In the scholarly terminology, the printing technology may be described as the first level of the hybrid of technology and art. In its essence, the printing technology does not define the aesthetic content of art work distribution, yet its use can well have an impact on the artistic content which is being distributed (here: the literature in its broadest meaning), transforming the form of distribution in purely independent art (for example, graphic design, fonts). It may then stimulate the expansion of the variety of literary forms, available in printed format. In addition, the advent of printing marked a fundamental shift from the ancient ‘techno’ and technology - which were about the finesse and skill of a human working with his hand to deliver the product of creativity - to technology which became the logics of self-alienated production. This way it may well be thought to be a harbinger of the machine age (Benjamin, 2008). At the end of the 19th - at the beginning of the 20th century art’s hybridization with technology shifted to a new level in the aesthetics of cinema. Cinema evolved as a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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How Does New Technology Help the Arts Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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