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Contents 1 Abstract 2 2 Introduction 2 3 Overview of Techniques in Artificial Intelligence (AI) 7 4 Research Methodology 9 5 Results 12 1 Abstract After the through introduction the description of operation management model of telecommunications operators…
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Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems
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Download file to see previous pages 2 Introduction The telecommunication engineering is considered as the most specific and high technology service industry. The constricted integration and Information technology applications related to the business procedures are its main characteristics. Moreover, in order to promote competition in this industry, the telecommunication industry is constantly deploying Information technology applications. The telecommunication environment is determined Due to its unique characteristics such as, distribution, continuous enlargement in network size and specific fault tolerance techniques. The application procedures are defined by the above characteristics. However, in telecommunication, the software systems need to overcome with a new variety of telecommunication protocols and a number of hardware platforms and network architectures. In fact, these systems consist of other characteristics for example, high cost, concurrency, high reliability needs, diversity and complexity (Patel 2002). The telecommunication operations are facing different challenges nowadays, for instance globalization and creative technology procedures. Thus, the industry would become more competitive in order to endure global market along with other competitors. Thus, in order to enhance the quality of services we need to increase cost. The developing economics and state-owned operators are basically privatized. This will help to provide improved and better services to the customers. On the contrary, several larger operators fortunately grab the best opportunities that are offered by the global telecommunication providers. For example, BT and Vodafone, this is due to the economies of scale factor present in the telecommunication networks. However, the technologies that are related with the Internet has been developing immensely thus contributing towards growing future of Internet and IP services and applications. In modern days, the clients are allowed to choose their own vendor and service providers according to their needs and can assemble their personal solutions. The new technologies such as 3G and mobile Internet speed up the production of new services. Therefore, the unchanging market has been converted into an increasingly user-driven market place. This change in telecommunication depends upon the operator’s capability to generate services and applications that are demanded by the customers. There is a vast range of software platforms, innovative variety of services and an increased customer based operations are available in order to manage an effective telecommunication infrastructure basics. The telecom operators must have the capability in order to develop themselves promptly, to implement and to maintain services for the customers demand anytime and anywhere. In addition, the artificial intelligence (AI) techniques are initially implemented to the telecommunication industry ages ago. During 1988, the artificial intelligence technique (IA) was first implemented in telecommunication industry. Moreover, it was initially explained by the Macleish who describes the relationship between the two rapidly evolving technologies i.e. artificial intelligence (AI) and telecommunications. During that time, the major utilization related to the artificial intelligence (AI) in telecommunications was considered as the initial system that is designed for diagnosing complex equipment in all off-line modes. Currently, the DSS are integrated with artificial neural networks. The ANN is defined ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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